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August 21st 2007
Published: August 21st 2007
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Mitch & CarolinaMitch & CarolinaMitch & Carolina

What on earth happened to that Banana???
I cant what I wrote about in my last entry here, because of the crash the had a couple weeks ago. Fortunately they found most of the lost entries.

Not much has happened since the last entry but we have had a lot of fun with our new flatmate Mitchell. As I probably told you earlier, we live in Broadbeach and are enjoying it. We are 2 blocks from the beach, 2 blocks from the closest cafe and a 10 minute walk from a Broadbeach mall with supermarkets. I think the most important thing about our new home is our wicked flatmate! I have to tell you, I only know one bloke like Mitch with crazy ideas what to do, what to wear, what to say and whatever. I love the idea of never going to a night club just wearing your own clothes, thats just booring. You wont stand out like that, so why not dress up like a cowboy when going out?! Frickin' hilarious!

I had my last shifts at the hotel a week ago tuesday and started to look for work this week. I found one selling tickets for a pub crawl and a booze

Our free spirited flatmate!
cruise. I found out the brutality of selling on the street. Its HARD! The selling itself isnt the hardest thing, it's getting the people to listen. Damn.. Oh well, Im looking for something else all the time as well so and when I find something, I can keep selling as a second job 😊

Carolina is still doing good in her job earning money, by not only the hours she does, but also with the bonuses she earns with her excellent speaking abilities. She is quite tired when she gets home from work but we use our quality time well and to let everyone know, Yes, "the Champagne Thursdays" are still running as usual 😉

I had a scary moment last weekend with my back. Valtteri probably remembers about 5years ago when my back just cracked in his living room and I couldnt move for 48 hours and disabled me for almost 2weeks. Well, it happened again to me. My back cracked badly and I couldnt move or do anything the whole day.. I was scared I couldnt move for a week again but gladly it wasnt nearly as bad this time and only hurt for a couple
Our loungeOur loungeOur lounge

After a hard day's partying it good to relax :)

We are in the hunt for a car to do our travels and have gone to look for a couple but havent yet found one that would suit our finances, ha ha. Im also hooked on surfing and want to get myself a board asap so I can hit the waves anytime I want to 😊 The weather is getting better and better. Its a bit cloudy every now and then, but its been so warm nearly every day that I could get used to this. Of course now that Im saying this, it'll start raining cats and dogs tomorrow..

Hard to believe Ive been here for 5months. Time has gone by sooooo fast. I could not believe that Ive spent the entire English Premiership League off-season here in the Gold Coast. (It started so quickly that Im having trouble finding the places that actually show the World game(as they call it here) on telly here.) Just two more months 'till the Indy comes to town and after that We are out of here! Thanks to mates we've got a place to see the race from apartment resorts right on the track 😊 Lucky us!

Our BarbieOur BarbieOur Barbie

I think we had corn in those and something else we whipped up...
all for now! Maybe next time I'll write about the things that have surprised me here in Oz.

Love ya'll, Jani & Carolina

p.s. I wrote this text on Friday. It is now Tuesday and it has been raining day and night since Saturday.. Ha ha!! Shouldn't've said anything about the weather...

p.p.s. I'll add some pictures later on during the week.


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