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February 28th 2010
Published: March 4th 2010
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Squires had the TV on when I woke up this morning, and a Tsunami warning was all over the news. Apparently there had been a massive 8.8 magnitude Earthquake off the coast of Chile, which crashed some buildings, cut power supplies and had killed a few people. When I first heard the news they were closing all the beaches on the East Coast of Australia, and telling everyone to stay inside and be ready to evacuate. I panicked and sent some text messages out to friends in case this really was the end of it for me!
But soon they’d had feedback that Hawaii had only experienced high sea levels and amplified waves. By mid morning the panic had died down and we were able to go outside. It had finally stopped raining so Ellie and I were going to make the most of the sun and the immense pool area downstairs at Pommie Palace.
Decided we’d host a BBQ and Hot tub party tonight for the boys since it was going to be our last night, so we headed off to Woolworths in the 4x4 to get supplies. Spent the rest of the afternoon preparing chicken skewers and salads. We’d bought burgers and sausages too but they eat so much that they told Dan to collect Steaks on the way round. Dan brought his friend Nathan so there were 6 people to cook for.
Shorty took control of the BBQ downstairs while me and Ellie relaxed and enjoyed more Vodka buckets. After dinner we played our game of “I have never”… which was an eye opener - there’s not much that these boys haven’t done! Chilled in the hot tub for a while then went back up to Pommie Palace at 9pm when the janitor of the apartment block shut off the power. Feeling a little tipsy, I sent a couple of messages out on Facebook to people back home.

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