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December 24th 2005
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Four Mile Beach, Port DouglasFour Mile Beach, Port DouglasFour Mile Beach, Port Douglas

This was a one minute walk from our hotel.
Port Douglas is absolutely beautiful. It seems to have everything… quiet streets lined with palm trees, gorgeous sunny weather, a long sandy beach, trips out to the Reef, and it is only a short trip to the rainforest.

I planned a trip up to Cape Tribulation, about an hour north of Port Douglas to go to the rainforest and take a cruise on the Daintree River. Tasha and I were picked up by our tour bus and our guide was amazing, he gave us a running commentary of the history of the region for the whole trip, and it was really interesting. We arrived at the Daintree River first, to take a cruise and see if we could see any crocodiles. The scenery was amazing, the mountains in the background, the river and the trees lining the river…. it was beautiful. About halfway through the cruise we saw a crocodile on the side of the river bank!! It was the most incredible thing. It was a large female (so our river guide told us) and he said it was unusual to see crocodiles out of the water at this time of year, because the water temperature is actually warmer than
Our hotelOur hotelOur hotel

Martinique on Macrossan in Port Douglas. We stayed here for 3 nights.
the air, so they usually stay in the water rather than coming out to the banks. So we were very lucky to see it! I must have taken 20 pictures of it.

After our river cruise we went into the rainforest for a barbecue lunch that was provided by our guide. It was great… home cooking in the middle of the rainforest! There were a lot of turtles in the river by our lunch area… at least ten of them. After lunch we went on a hike through the rainforest, and our guide pointed out different things. We saw a Rainforest Dragon (see picture). It was so neat. We were keeping our eyes out for cassowaries, which are a large flightless bird that are endangered… but no sightings.

After our hike we drove up to Cape Tribulation and took a hike around the area there. There was a great beach and nice lookout points. After that we went on a longer hike through the rainforest… at this point it started pouring rain, but we all had large umbrellas so it actually didn’t affect the hike that much. Our guide pointed out all sorts of interesting things… vines and
The poolThe poolThe pool

The pool at our hotel... we never went in, but it looks great!
trees that have their roots growing wide because the soil is shallow, birds and insects, animal and bird nests, and he answered all our questions about the sounds of the forest (it really was very loud at some points!) and different things we saw. Overall it was a fantastic trip.

It seems that Australia has everything! And for those who have been asking… I comment every day about how wonderful it would be to live here. I think Tasha is getting sick of hearing me say it over and over again… but this is truly a beautiful country.

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Four Mile Beach - view from aboveFour Mile Beach - view from above
Four Mile Beach - view from above

I took a walk up a trail beside the beach and ended up at a lookout point with this view.
Daintree RiverDaintree River
Daintree River

We took a river cruise to look for crocodiles.

We saw a large crocodile on the river bank!
Crocodile againCrocodile again
Crocodile again

Here is another shot of the crocodile. So cool!

Our hike through the rainforest.

There were so many turtles in the river beside our lunch picnic area!
Rainforest DragonRainforest Dragon
Rainforest Dragon

We saw this on our hike through the rainforest, it was about halfway up the tree.
Cape TribulationCape Tribulation
Cape Tribulation

Me at Kulki Point, Cape Tribulation
View from the beachView from the beach
View from the beach

We took a walk on the beach at Cape Tribulation
Nitasha & INitasha & I
Nitasha & I

On the beach at Cape Tribulation.

26th December 2005

Wow Erin, I loved the pictures! did you get any leeches as Chris and Sarah did??
27th December 2005

Great pics
Glad to hear you're having a fabulous trip! Hope you have a wonderful visit with Brent. Will wait to hear more details when you are both home again. Enjoy!!
27th December 2005

Erin the pics are awesome!! So glad you're having a great trip! Keep the pictures coming and take care!
28th December 2005

You're lucky to have seen a crocodile - we only saw a baby one on our cruise (9 cm long)! Love the blogs, keep them coming!

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