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Published: February 20th 2012
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so a kind irish girl has let me use her notebook...

on valentines day chloe and i went for a romantic walk along the to come 😊 and after chlo prosing to me with a coconut we decided to head back to Cairns all loved up haha. back to Gilligans we went for a wonderful italian meal and spent the next day by the lagoon cooling off becasue it was so damn hot! we had a lindt ball on valentines day at the restuarnt and it tasted like heaven after not having choc for 1month and 2weeks!

on thursday we headed off to the Great Barrier Reef on a boat trip. we drove through a thunderstorm before coming out into the reef with all its turquiosiey splender ha! we saw a turtle which was the best thing ever and screamed at each other through our snorkles when we saw it! they might be my new favorite animal now! unfortunatley as i walked onto the RIB i slipped on the step and cut my foot up and it was quite bloody so was scared a shark was going to come out of nowhere! anwyay so all patched up and back out to the ocean! round 2 saw another turtle!!!! and went on a glass bottom boat which wasnt all its cracked up to be but nevermind no extra cost!

i felt pretty sea sick that day so hardly ate anything of the lovely prawns and sea food spread just made me feel more sick nevermind.

on firday we headed to Misson beach which was deserted but we did see our first wild kangaroo which was very cool! we stayed in a place called scottys beach house where there was a little dog that slept in the bushes after jumping into the pool to cool off v.cute but nothng compared to my Rosie 😊

the next day we jumped onthe greyhound and went to magnetic island which is lovely pretty beaches but still cant swim as its jelly season but we met some really nice poepl in the room which was like a tree house. made some good freiends and talked till late in the night telling jokes and hearing stories of travelin. decded that the next day we would rent moped coz the cars where too expensive to rent. there wernt enough so i volunteered to ride on a double scooter which unfotunalty crashed a little bit( dont worry mum im fine!) bit of a deep cut on my knee so now cant go in the water which is very annoying but hopefully the sea salt tomorrow will help alot but fornow i look like the walking wounded with a cut foot and a bandage round my knees and arm! hontstely i am fine! won a jug of cider at dinner at the hstel so the pain quickly went away with free alchol haha

at this hostel we fed about 200 parots that landed on your head and ate mashed up bread outa your hand they had the most amazing colours...ill put photos up on thursday if i can! something wierd is going on with my memory card so ill try again another day!. so that kind of briskly takes us up to today where we are in Airlie beach waiting for our whitsundays cruise tomorrow 2days 1night out at sea so have bought myslef some sea sickness tablets just in case!

hope this makes people feel better from hearing from me its been difficult coz weve been moving places everyday so havnet had enough time to get to the internet when theres amazing beaches and sunsets to be admiring!

missing everyone of you lots for now tho i will write again hopefully on thursday or talk to a few of you on skype! figners crossed.

love you x B x


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