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Cape Tribulation Cape Tribulation - 'where the rainforest meets the reef', was stunningly scenic and surprisingly quiet. Tourism clearly took a hit when development plans were overturned in 2004. Today in Cape Tribulation there are no more then a few backpackers' lodges strung along the single access road, one dive outfit, a bat house, snake house and general store. We had a cosy and relaxing stay on the Cape Tribulation Fruit Farm, enjoying platefuls of weird but delicious fruits such as Sapote and Soursop for breakfast. The beaches here were glorious, stretching for miles and mostly deserted, but how frustrating it was not to be able to jump in the sea for fear of jellyfish and/or crocs ! Our stay at Cape Tribulation, by Eve We stayed on a tropical fruit farm in the middle of ... read more
Cairns Birdwing
Lumholtz Tree Kangaro
Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation » Great Barrier Reef September 7th 2012

Geo: -18.2867, 147.697Finally I got to see The Reef! :) What an awesome day! The Backpackers shuttle took us to the Reef Fleet Plaza, the Marina from where all our boats depart for the Great Barrier Reef. After about 90 min we reached the Outer Reef and put our wetsuits on. Jumping into the water was like landing on another world. A Wonderworld! The colors, shapes and marine life were absolutely stunning! During our lunch break we moved to another spot of the coral reef. And it was there where I finally met Nemo ;) And not only him. Crush was there too! So I found myself swimming with a sea turtle for half an hour :) Awesome!When we returned to Cairns I needed to hurry up. Had to catch a plane to Darwin! 45 minutes ... read more
At the Outer Reef
 Back from the Reef & Happy :)
Cairns Harbor, Australia

A week left in Australia and it's time to chill after a crazy few weeks! We travelled north of Cairns to Daintree and Cape Tribulation where we did some scenic walks long the beach and into the rainforest. We took a crocodile boat trip and saw a two and half metre crocodile who was 30 years old. Apparently this is small compared to some but we wouldn't like to fight him!! We also got to see some tree snakes and rare birds that we don't get in England... please don't ask us to name them. There was an unforgettable night walk where we saw nothing. The best thing we saw was a wolf spider the size of your hand. Cape Tribulation beach was lovely to relax for a few days.... read more
Our kitchen...
Random bird...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation » Great Barrier Reef February 20th 2012

so a kind irish girl has let me use her notebook... on valentines day chloe and i went for a romantic walk along the to come :) and after chlo prosing to me with a coconut we decided to head back to Cairns all loved up haha. back to Gilligans we went for a wonderful italian meal and spent the next day by the lagoon cooling off becasue it was so damn hot! we had a lindt ball on valentines day at the restuarnt and it tasted like heaven after not having choc for 1month and 2weeks! on thursday we headed off to the Great Barrier Reef on a boat trip. we drove through a thunderstorm before coming out into the reef with all its turquiosiey splender ha! we saw a turtle which was the ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation » Great Barrier Reef November 28th 2010

Northwards to Cairns Heading up the Bruce highway the weather became very wet. At times the rain was lashing down. We left Cyril and Kasia and did a detour through some beautifully green countryside, long straight roads with little traffic. Farms set in valleys, cows, cultivated fields, small towns and villages. We carried on and on, stopping for lunch and filling up with fuel. Eventually we realised that reaching Townsville was out of the question and it was getting late, the rain was torrential and we were tired, so we decided wherever the next place to stay was, we were stopping. It was a caravan/camping site at clevedon, a tiny strip of development along the side of an inlet and a massive area of water. This was a fishing resort of sorts, and the people were ... read more
driving up to cairns 233
driving up to cairns 257
driving up to cairns 267

huhuu hallooo wie gehts wie stehts?? Ich hab's mal geschafft, dass ich aus dem schoenen Port Douglas raus komme :) Hab meine 7 Sachen gepackt und rrrrein ins Auto (jaa richtig gelesen - AUTO mit 4 Raedern :) ) Auf dem Wochenendsplan stand: Cape Tripulation und kurzumentschlossen Mareeba. Aber zuerst zu Cape Tribulation: Port Douglas raus, bei Mossman gings vorbei - immer weiter in den Norden ... Mit der Ferry ging es ueber ein kleinen River voll mit Crocs und hinein in den Regenwald!!! Die Strassen sind alle asphaltiert aber ziemlich eng. Auf der Seite sieht man nur Gruenzeug! Da bekommt man Lust, Tarzan zu spielen :)) Purer Dschungel - sonst nichts - alles Gruen thihi Der erste Stooopp war Daintree Icecream Company. Wir (Giles und ich) fuhren eine kleine unbedeutende Schotterstrasse entlang bis wir eine ... read more
Der erste Blick...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cape Tribulation » Great Barrier Reef February 14th 2009

Day 228: Thursday 12th February - I’m an ant licker, and I don’t care! It is yet another early start in Cairns as I’m getting picked up at 7:30am for a tour going north to Cape Tribulation. Almost everyone on the tour with the exception of a Swiss couple and an Irish guy are English. Our first stop of the day is to a wildlife sanctuary. I question our driver, Scotty when we get off the bus as already he has sent around a sheet for people to choose their lunch option and now he is about to buy entrance tickets for everyone on the bus. The tour I paid for didn’t include either lunch or entrance to the wildlife sanctuary as I’ve done enough wildlife sanctuary’s/zoo’s over the last few weeks and I’m sure I ... read more
16. Mossman Gorge
17. Rainforest, Mossman Gorge
19. Daintree River

Of all the places and of all the things I have ever done while traveling...Fraser Island is in the top three if not number one...We arrived in Rainbow Beach which is the jump off point to arrive in Fraser Island...We got to our hostel called Dingos for our briefing the day before we headed over to the Island...They broke up 44 of us in to 4 groups of 11...And provided us with an order form for booze and a list of our camping supplies and food...The next morning we got up bright and early to pack our trucks...The cars were land cruisers kitted out to 4 wheel drive and had racks on the roof to pack up all of our gear...They gave us 4 tents, 2 coolers, cooking supplies and all our food and drinks...We packed ... read more
Lake Wabby
Champagne Pools
Indian Head

Hello again folks, nu dat we terug in de bewoonde wereld rondtrekken kunnen we wat regelmatiger de blog uptdaten he. Onze nieuwjaar was een vroege dit jaar, lekker eten in Darwin, het Noorden van Australie en als 2 watjes op tijd ons bed in want heel moe (en in die godverlaten stad valt gewoon NIKS te beleven :). Goed slapen is het toch niet geworden: om half 6 sochtens schieten we plots wakker na een extreeeem harde knal op de gang!! En erna meest extreme scenario's (geweerschoten? bom? en andere dingen om elkaar nerveus te maken :) schieten door ons hoofd. Vlug grabbelen we paspoorten, wat geld en wat kleren bij elkaar en volgen the flow langsheen de brandladder naar beneden. Buiten zien we een security dude, waaraan we vertellen dat er een gigantische knal ... read more
Find the horizon!
Rainbow forest outlook
Fun roads through the jungle!

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