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August 30th 2007
Published: March 27th 2008
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The Last Supper

Okay, so we arrived in Bundaburg thinking we were going to carry out 3 months agricultural work, which would enable us to extend our Working Holiday Visa for an extra year. That plan didn't quite work out!

All five of us rocked up just before dusk to a dingy run down hostel, called Blue Dingo. As soon as we arrived we had an icky feeling. Once we were booked in were told stories about the place, which didnt help either, and found out that we may not make it through the night! We would definately be keeping our doors locked! Under one of the bunkbeds a note was etched into the wood..."...I just want to be at home with my mum..."

To escape we decided to go out for dinner, our "last Supper" as we called it. We were all in hysterics over dinner, but it was all down to the nerves. On our way home we took a little detour, decided to tour bundaberg in pitch black...(Shaz screamed AHHHHHHHH and everyone jumped through the roof!!! ha! ha!) basically we got lost and drove past the same sizzler restaurant about 10 times.

Morning came and we were still alive. Georgina, Abby and I set off for our fruit picking whilst Shaz and Skem went off for a bit of Bundaberg sight seeing (they were finished an hour later as the town waslike an old western movie: dead!).

We arrived at the field and are told we were picking cherry tomatoes, we're like "yeah bring it on" until we find out what humungous bins we have to fill and earning only $7 for each one, our faces dropped. We started off all well and good listening to the car's radio singing along, but that soon phased out. Abby and I started to get bored so decided that throwing the tomatoes at each other was much more interesting. The little buggers hurt though!!! Georgina was not impressed by this game at all.

We were about 4 hours into our slave labour, topping up abby's sunscreen AGAIN, she couldn't take it anymore, so grabbed my phone and called Sharlene. "Sharlene i cant take it anymore, I don't see how people do this for a living, its horrible, and the toilet is disgusting. I'm hot, burnt and thirsty. Please can you pick us up?" the answer was NO. ha.

Finally we finished the day, each of us managing to fil 4 buckets. My bucket, however, was filled with mainly green tomatoes. This is not correct apparently. He told us at the beginning that we were to pick only the coloured tomatoes, leave all the others. Well last time I checked green was a colour...but that means the tomatoes aren't ripe......aaah well, they'll get over it haha.

All sweaty, dirty and burnt, we arrived back at the hostel, telling the girls about our hard working day, wo found out they had had a relaxing day at the zoo.....slackers!!!!

Next morning we were out of there before you could say....well anything...and headed for the glorious Harvey Bay.....aaaahhhhh!!!!

Aly x

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