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May 2nd 2006
Published: May 2nd 2006
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So, today we had a really cool day, we had breakfast at a cool little bar next door to our hostel, and had cornflakes and a cup of tea!!! wooohooo such a taste of home! Then we had toast and jam ahhh so nice, cured the sore head after 2 pints last night - lame!

We headed to the bus termianl to get our bus pass for traveling, and the man was really helpful and explained everythign to us, and then we went and used the net for a bit to book accommodation. Have sorted it, and are heading off tomorrow to the beach, think we told that in the last entry. Then we headed into Brisbane for a look around, which was nice.

Had a toilet stop at the hostel and then went back out to chill in the park for a bit, and then walked accross the river to south bank parklands which was lovely, we walked accross the footbridge (goodwill bridge) and then walked alongside the river which was decorated with loads of chinese lanterns and lights and it was soooo beautiful. We stopped and had a milkshake and read a bit more of the book on australia to figure out where we wanted to go and how long to stay etc, i think the 5 weeks will go fast. Chris had a lime milkshake - another radioactive meal!

We carried on walking down the river, and counted out loose change to see what we coudl afford for dinner (such a change from thailand) WE had some CHINESE RICE AND STIR FRIED MEAT!!!! ahhhh, no wonder thailand is the cheaper choice for food, that kind of food is the cheapest the world over! Ahhhh, but it is ok, we havent started to cook yet.

Carried on walking down the river and came accross an amazing nepalese pagoda just there, and it was soo cool. Took some piccies of it and other sights along the river so enjoy! There were like littel forrest trails on wooden walkways through the trees next to the river, but it was dark and i was scared - chris wanted to go and explore.

We have put some photos on of our last day in melaka cos we coudlnt do it ther,e and i think there is one of singapore. The rest are of today and lovely night shots - enjoy!!!!

xxxxxxxx Chramanda/Amandaris

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13th May 2006

I am really enjoying your travelblog - I'm seeing the world through your eyes! Many Thanks. Take Care

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