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December 14th 2008
Published: December 14th 2008
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Avast Ye Lubbers!!

The sea chest is full, the swag is waiting!! The vessel is tardy but finally on the way. "Cruisin' Susan" and "Pilate Pete", the two seafarers are awaiting the (flying) carriage to proceed to the ship - on Tuesday next.

We have electronic books, laptops, SD cards and MP3 players full of music, cameras, sketch books and all sorts of goodies to while away the time (if we feel like it!). We have even packed a change of clothes or two. When not terrorising the high seas, we may sleep lots. There should only be two other passengers aboard when we join - so there should be no noisy parties, out-of-control-yobboes (& yuppies) or other binge drinkers to interfere with our quiet (binge) drinking.

Leaping luftwards next Tuesday will be the last time for four months Pilate Pete has anything to do with flying - back to common modes of transport reminiscent of the era when Pontius was a Pilate, too (word is that Pontius taught Pete how to be a Pilate - malicious gossip!). Cruisin' Susan has much practice of sailing the high seas - directing deck swabbing, barnacle scraping, halyard hauling etc. This may continue for the next four months??!!

So stand by for more posts from the voyage - or as somebody cheeky called it - our "Pirates of Penzance Tour of 2009"!!

Well, yes, PP is getting a bit excited, despite denials, but the gist is accurate, it seems after nearly 2 years of planning we are about to, finally, embark on our freighter cruise adventure around the world. Singapore to Singapore and many places in between await. Given that what we have mainly been doing for the last 2 months at least, is a-wait (the W word being the only really obscene 4 letter word in my vocabulary) we are keen, and one can only hope, fully prepared. There will be more, we'll keep you posted. CS.


18th December 2008

So fantastic to hear this news. Have the most marvellous of times and we are looking forward to any/every notes that you can blog.

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