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March 9th 2009
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We drove up to Mon Repos Turtle Rockery from Brisbane for the weekend to see the Baby turtles hatching and making there way to the ocean. When we arrived at Mon Repos we were unable to see the turtles the first night as the team of people whom look after the nests only take a small amount of people out every evening to see the turtles hatch and this was fully booked. so we went to bed early and then we got up early the following morning to go down to the beach to see if we couls see any signs of the babies from the night before. we did find the remainder of an egg and say the trails that the babie turtles had made to get to the ocean. We enjoyed are day in the bugarra area and relaxed on the beach after we made sure we booked for the evening so as not to miss out again. When the evening came we were both so excited about the wonderful sight we were hoping to see, we had to wait until about 10.30pm as the turtles hatch under the cover of darkness.
It was the most amazing magical sight to see the baby's hatch and then to be able to see them so close and to gently touch them. before standing in a line and watching all the babies from that nest make there way down the sands heading out to see. At this point we were unable to have our cameras on as the flash would disturb them as they are following the light of the moon and their own knowledge of how to get there. These baby turtles will not return to this beach until they are full grown females and then they will return to lay eggs of there own.
Truelly a breathtaking experience to have been part of such a magical moment in the turtles beginning.

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