Uncle Brians Tablelands

Published: July 26th 2015
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So Guys the bus picked me up nice and early, we then continued to get others from hostels around Cairns. After some roundabouts and U turns, just cause we could, cousin lynzy took us to the devil's pools. These are huge pools created by the water pushing small rocks around in circles, similar to a washing machine. This area is far too dangerous to swim in but I got some awesome pictures. We went down to a calm wide section where we could swim across the river. After the swim we had biscuits, cake and tea, before heading off to the next destination. Rock sliding, we climbed into the pool where the water fall ran into and swam across to the huge rock, climbed up and shimmied along to the water flowing over the rock, then we slid down. At first I had been worried, but it was so much fun. Eventually we climbed out and headed to lunch, after the main course we had pudding sat on the grass in the sun. Pudding was sticky date pudding, the aussie take on sticky toffee pudding. It was really nice.
After lunch we headed to the herbal essences Waterfall, where we proceed to do hair flick pictures, including a dinosaur version for me... :-D then off to the volcanic pool, it was huge but along the way we played games, passing something similar to a polo from the front to the back of the bus via matchsticks only held in our lips/teeth. Our efforts were rewarded with chocolate. And then we had toys similar to Christmas cracker toys. Once at the volcanic lake we looked for turtles before having a quick dip followed by hot chocolate and muffins... We then headed back into Cairns and to bed.

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