Atheron Tablelands Barefoot Tours

Published: May 25th 2015
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Tue 28 Apr Atherton Tablelands Barefoot Tours
On Tue we were picked in a very colourful minibus up by Brett from Barefoot Tours. Started with a hug so we knew we were in for a very laid back day. We began by having to introduce ourselves with our name, marital status, where we came from, profession and whether we folded or scrunched our toilet paper! You just knew how the day was going to go! Brett had several catchphrases: "Questions?" Was an invitation to ask about anything we wanted to know and "Any interesting Facts?" was an invitation for us to share any facts we knew, preferably something to do with genitalia was the request. Tom and I were probably the oldest guests on the tour but it was good to just go with the flow and feel like you were 18 again! We were rewarded for our questions and facts with lollipops and Brett passed a camera round for us to take photos of ourselves - the sillier the better. One of his other phrases when we had exhausted our group participation was" Kick back, relax, chat amongst yourselves while I chuck on some chilled out tunes". There were several lookout stops which seemed to be an opportunity for several to have a cigarette. We were surprised by how many smokers there were and one of them was a fireman! Our first stop was Cathedral Fig, which is a fantastic example of how fig trees attach themselves to a host tree and send out a fantastic network of roots. The first swim stop Lake Eacham Followed by morning tea. There was a mountain of fruit - melon, pineapple, kiwi and bananas accompanied by the less healthy option of Muffins Anzac biscuits Tea Coffee and hot chocolate. The second stop was Dinner Falls Freezing cold, Stopped in Malanda to buy lunch. At the McHugh we had a group photo on the way to third Swim stop Millaa Millaa Falls. This is the spot where Peter Andre filmed Mysterious Girl ( for those of you who remember this! ) we swam across to the waterfall on the far side and it was Freezing!! We finished with the obligatory Herbal Essence hair flick photos! On the way to our last swim stop we bought fruit from roadside stop and Brett bought dried banana for us to try. Josephine Creek Waterslide was Great fun. We had to negotiate boulders and swim to rocks on far side of pool and then carefully walk across the top without falling over before sliding down the smooth rock into the water! It was exhilarating - a good adrenalin rush. Afternoon tea was Swiss rolls, Lamingtons, and a variety of Tim Tams: white chocolate, double chocolate and Mint chocolate. Although it seems unpatriotic to say it, I have to agree with Brett, they are better than Penguins! Back on the bus for our 58 minute and 120 second journey back to Cairns, more questions, interesting facts and chilled out tunes! Brett is a complete nutter and brilliant fun. Really enjoyed the day - even the cold water, which would probably be warmer in the summer months Dec to Feb. It was completely different and definitely takes you out of your comfort zone but was well worth it! Anzac biscuits Tea Coffee Choc 3 types of Tim Tams!! Home to Cairns

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Josephine falls first attemptJosephine falls first attempt
Josephine falls first attempt

We were supposed to go together but I ended up going in first and sideways!

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