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April 7th 2012
Published: April 7th 2012
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So last time we wrote we were off to meet Dominik at the lagoon... we actually bumped into him on the street which was handy and headed there together, it was a lovely hot day and the water was refreshing, after a catch up we left him to visit the museum (thought we might as well do something that was free and cultural) and headed back for a night in. We had to get the bus in the morning, and when we woke up all our room mates had checked out... and taken our ipod wall charger and lead (which charged everything we had) as well as our moisturiser... we started off the day in a very bad mood! We headed up to Noosa which had a nice beach (a bit of a walk away) but not much else! We mostly lounged by the pool or went for walks. We only stayed two nights before heading up to Rainbow Beach where we hung out with a nice english girl called Emily and had a free surf lesson (got very battered and bruised, but stood up several times!!) From rainbow beach we went to Fraser island, which is the worlds largest sand island. The hostel put us in groups of 8 (6 germans and us) and assign you each a 4x4 to drive and camping equipment and food. One car had non-drivers and our tour guide and then there were 3 more cars including ours. We spent 3 days driving around over sand dunes and offroading through trees, very bumpy for those in the back! We camped in tents and cooked our food which was actually pretty fun and visited different lookouts and some amazing lakes, a creek, a shipwreck, champagne pools and indian head. Our tour guide was young and a lot of fun, he got drunk with everyone, but still was up ridiculously early waking us up! Before (and about every hour on the trip) we had lectures about being dingo safe, and were told about all the attacks, but in the end only saw 2 dingos... from our car! (there were some in our camp but we slept through it) it was a brilliant trip and we made some good friends... one was only from bridgwater and labelled us 'Wincanton Services' after our dedication to morry! After fraser we went out to a club (more a hotel with dancefloor) with most of the group and our tour guide and then on to a house party (although lily missed this from being to drunk and having to go home early) which was a nice way to say bye to everyone. the following morning our bus wasnt till half 12 so we hung around by the pool, it was a ridiculously hot day, and managed to fail seeing everyone go for the bus, and it was only when one boy said "you getting the 3 o clock bus then?" did we see our bus had arrived and had to run for it! 6 hours later we arrived in agnes water where we were greeted at our hostel by a free bbq.. so ideal! We met some nice girls in our room and had a nice early night! the next day we spent most of the day at the beach topping up the tan, and headed back for lunch. As we were sitting eating, Rachel (our friend from Laos) walked in, and had even booked into the same room as us, it was lovely to catch up with her (although she talks a lot!) and we had a lot of stories to swap! We left her to sort out a few bits and headed back to the beach, on our walk back into town we bumped into tom, tom and alex from our fraser trip and stayed chatting to them for a bit. They were staying in a camper just up from our hostel and we chilled there before we realised it was free bbq time and rushed back to eat! After the bbq there was tons of food left so we smuggled sausage sandwiches and burgers and took them to the boys who hadnt had dinner, and were delighted! After they drove off we headed back to hang with Rach and go to bed. The next morning we had free hot cross buns as it was easter and had to check out but our bus wasnt till 9pm. the hostel wanted to charge for luggage storage so we hid our bags under rach's bed and tried to avoid the receptionist! Luckily there was some nice bits (including pepsi!!) on the free food shelf and we spent the day relaxing and looking through Rach's pictures. When it came to bbq time our names werent on the list but we thought there would be loads of leftovers again for us... there wasnt! We were gutted and Rach had to make us nutella sandwiches for our bus trip! Our overnight bus was freezing cold and very uncomfy, but for the first time we had a normal bus driver which was something! We arrived just after 6am having had barely any sleep but managed to get free breakfast and a grabbed a shower before heading to the lagoon with tom, tom and alex who had arrived the day before. The weather in the north is so much better, and Airlie is very pretty, particuarly the lagoon, but you cant go in the sea without a stinger suit which is a bit rubbish! The boys went off to their boat trip and we wandered around (bumping into more friends from fraser) and then relaxed by the pool - travelling is such hard work! Later on today we are off on our whitsundays sailing trip. Basically, you go sailing for 2 nights, sunbathing, partying and relaxing on amazing beaches (as well as hopefully getting fed lots of food!). We've heard good things, so expecting to have an amazing time! Less than 2 weeks left of Aus, and over halfway through our trip, time is going way too fast!


Amelia & Lily


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