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August 29th 2013
Published: August 29th 2013
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Can’t believe we’ve been here now for 1 ½ weeks already. The time flies when you’re sitting back relaxing, fishing, exploring, socialising, and visiting islands!!! We found a small lagoon surrounded by reef on the other side of Direction Island (DI) and have been there a few times to visit and fish. Well, Phil goes fishing and I usually walk in the shallows or sit on the beach (read rocks) and listen to music or church. Probably on Friday we’ll go there for a snorkel. We’ve made some great friends and socialise either on the beach or on the boat quite regularly. One coffee visit at 10am ended up with them leaving at 2pm!! Not sure how that happened, but it was an excellent (read...very busy) morning!! Reef fish hover around our boat and come to the surface every time we make an appearance on deck and dolphins are often in the bay playing around. We’ve been to Home Island (HI) and West Island (WI) a few times and each time it is a very bumpy and wet 15min zodi to HI, but always better coming back.

There are massive Hermit crabs by the thousands (well it seems like that many in the dark when they’re constantly crawling over your feet) on shore and come out mainly in the evenings. Biggest ones I’ve ever seen.

Many boats have arrived in quick succession from Christmas Island – some from Darwin before that and some from Indonesia so now there are 14 boats at DI. Haven’t met everyone yet – but slowly meeting people as we go ashore at different times. Made some great friends who are travelling on to Thailand from here and they have 2 dogs called Trouble and Strife!

Had a couple of bbq’s ashore now, the wind hasn’t stopped blowing the whole time we’ve been here, but the anchorage is very protected from waves etc. Hasn’t been good for snorkelling or fishing though unfortunately. The Doctor here recently went to Darwin for her son’s wedding that Wendel took, so we looked her up at one of my many visits to the clinic. She in turn took us to house 36 where a local guy was selling 1kg of ‘silveries’ (reef fish) for $10. As we hadn’t caught very many and to support and encourage local produce we bought some...all filleted and cleaned (now that’s my idea of fishing!!). So we took that ashore for a bbq and shared with friends one night. And tonight we have finished it off with hot chips to boot!! Thanks to my lovely husband for feeding me so well!!

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2nd September 2013
Strife came to visit

still missing his cheese!!!!

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