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Published: February 17th 2018
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.Tjoritja more commonly known as West MacDonnell Ranges is a National Park about two hours (160km) away from Alice Springs.

This vast and spectacular area is an outstanding example of the ancient landscape and how over time the climate and other elements have changed it.

The family we were staying with decided it would be nice for all of us to spend a Sunday at the West Mac Ranges. After making sure all eight of us had swim wear, towels and there were some fun inflatable toys we left. Laurent, myself and Izzy in one car, the boys with Patrick and Alicja in the other.

The first stop was Glen Helen, a budget hotel and campsite in the ranges with a little cafe. Before eating we went to the Glen Helen gorge and swam and played in the water for a while. On the small walk back we dried off then went for a lovely lunch. I had a kangaroo salad - it was delicious.
After eating we went to Serpentine gorge where we swam and played in the water again .
On the way back we planned to go to Ellery Creek but unfortunately it started raining and Harry was sleeping so we decided to go home.

The gorges are an important refuge for plants and animals, many which are only found in The West McDonnell Ranges and some are from the bygone era, the distante past.
The features of the landscape are significant to the Aboriginal culture and have existed for many thousands of years.

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