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January 28th 2008
Published: January 28th 2008
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It is easy to forget how big and diverse Australia really is. Although it is technically a continent, it might be easy just to think of it as a large island when you cursively glance at it on a map. The fact is it’s a continent and is not that dissimilar in size to the United States. The U.S. however, has about 275 million more people. An example of this is we boarded our plane in Melbourne ... Read Full Entry

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Hanging out at Kata TjutaHanging out at Kata Tjuta
Hanging out at Kata Tjuta

We bought fly nets!!
The beautiful Kata TjutaThe beautiful Kata Tjuta
The beautiful Kata Tjuta

Very sacred to the Aborigines
The Rain is comingThe Rain is coming
The Rain is coming

....across the lonely desert.
Another King's Canyon SunsetAnother King's Canyon Sunset
Another King's Canyon Sunset

Not nearly as large as the Grand Canyon
Sunset at the CanyonSunset at the Canyon
Sunset at the Canyon

Each view is a little different.
Hot temperature in the desertHot temperature in the desert
Hot temperature in the desert

Do the calculations- it's 107.6!!! Toasty.....
Minor BirdMinor Bird
Minor Bird

Very pretty, very common scavenger bird.

28th January 2008

It's snowing in Seattle!
Hi, Great reading your blog. I haven't responded much but do read and enjoy them! Enjoy the heat because it's cold in Seattle. Looks like a snow day for us!
28th January 2008

Love the photos
Mike and I are really enjoying this leg of your journey as this is next on our travel iteneriary. I'm adding your positives to our must dos. Your pictures are great, but I think we might go to the outback in their winter after hearing about the temperatures! Linda
29th January 2008

Thanks for the recent Australia update. It makes me want to get on a plane right now and join you!!! Have fun in Sydney. Take the ferry to Manly and hike back to Sydney. It is a wonderful trail along some great beaches. Take some food and have a pinic lunch!! Also take a ferry to Balmain; it is a wonderful neighborhood with some great restaurants. The bridge hike is fun as well!!!!
30th January 2008

Hi to you both. Loved the pictures. Hope you traveled safely to Cairns. It was so nice to meet you both. We are both back in the wonderful world of work and envy your freedom to continue your travels. I cant wait for your next entry to see what you have done in Cairns. Keep safe. Barb.
22nd January 2011

Thank you
This blog has now persuaded Nikki to go here, I've been trying to persuade her for years.
23rd November 2011
Ah, yes, champagne

Looks delicious!
Are those strawberries with the champagne? Mmmmmmm
24th November 2011
Ah, yes, champagne

Oh yes,
......and they were great.

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