Lichfield & Kakadu day 1

Published: January 12th 2011
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Cathedral Termite moundCathedral Termite moundCathedral Termite mound

With Mark for scale!
So we set off from Darwin early in the morning with our guide Debden. The bus was a converted 4WD lorry base with driver + 6 in the cab section & what was pretty much a minibus on the back. Strange thing!
Today we headed out to Lichfield NP and the first stop was to admire the termite mounds. We saw the owering Catherdral Termite mounds, the eerie Magnetic Termite mounds - which all align north-south and look like gravestones and the Tree-Piping Termite mounds (at speed from the bus) which are built up around the bases of trees - these termites then hollow out the tree which the aborigines then cut down & turned into didgeridoos.

Next stop was the Florence Falls where we couldn't swim in the plunge pool as it was too strong due to it being the wet season. We had a bit of a walk around there though and some people swam in a stream in the area. After this we left Lichfield NP & headed towards Kakadu stopping before we got there to visit the Window on the Wetlands Cultural Centre where we learnt about didgeridoos and bush string dilly bags. Turns out I have the skills to make bush string whilst Mark would have to find a more many persuit!

We then headed up to the Rockhole Billabong where we took a boat trip up & down as far as we could go spotting a White-bellied Sea Eagle, the tail of a Saltwater Croc (aka a Salty) & a small Freshwater Croc (aka a Freshy) - the former being dangerous to man, the latter not so much unless you actually jump on top of one! Lastly we headed to the campsite - all of which we stayed at on the tours consited of permanent tents with 2 real beds in each & a large communal kitchen & dining tent/shed & of course the toilet/shower block.

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Little FreshyLittle Freshy
Little Freshy

If you look closely in the middle of the picture you can make out his eyes sticking up!

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