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We had a relatively uneventful night in the National Park near Roper Bar, although at about 6am the local fishos (which was pretty much everyone except Adam and I) started heading down to the boat ramp. I’m not sure if they were being considerate or dickheads (to get the New South Welshmen) but they drove their boats past our tent at about 5kph. I’d never realised how much stuff there is on a boat to rattle. We were making great time on the Capricornia Highway to Mataranka. Throughout this trip there have been road works, or should I say lack of roadworks. Basically you are speeding along at 110kph, then there’s a sign for 100, then 80 then 60 and picture of guy digging and then there’s nothing. No sign of any road work, road workers ... read more
Backburning in the NT

I headed off to Litchfield National Park with a friend of the family for the day which was fabulous. The pristine pools were perfect for swimming and a lovely cool off from the heat. We visited many pools with a bit of trekking in between, some beautiful waterfalls and caves and I was very lucky to visit while I'm here and experience a National Park. Have a flick through the pictures for a quick look. Thanks James for taking me along. ... read more
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

Geo: -13.2891, 130.837Today is Debs birthday so we ordered room service breakfast, her favorite thing to do when we are on holidays. I went out shopping to get a birthday card some flowers, a foam esky and some ice. Deb is busting to get a hair cut and makes an appointment and has the biggest smile on her face when she gets a cut she really likes. We head up to Europcar to pick up our hire car and the heat is already punishing at 10.00 am. We scored well getting a brand new Mitsubishi ASX and headed to a bottle-shop and to Subway to get some supplies for our trip to Litchfield National Park. We head back to the hotel to pick up our swimmers and some towels and we are off. Its a two ... read more
On the way to Litchfield National Park
Magnetic Termite Mounds
This big mound is under renovation

Well the day December 19 has arrived and we’re off again – this time by plane not towing the van. The weather was clear with not a cloud in the sky. Our flight left from Brisbane so all up from door to door it was maybe a 7 hour trip, that journey with the van would take generally 5 to 6 days. We scrambled out of bed at 0530 allowing us plenty of time to make our 0940 flight. An uneventful trip Southbound along the Bruce Hwy at 160 kph was exactly what we had hoped for. Actually we didn’t do 160 we stuck to the speed limit but I just wanted to startle my daughter and her fiancé (as they read this) who drove us down – I bet it worked! Now I have no ... read more
Dry season look
Wet season look
Lights of Brisbane

It's not too far from Douglas Hot Springs to Litchfield but the bus is slow and we had a few things to check out. The first stop out of Douglas Hot Springs was Adelaide River. We needed to top up our fuel tank and there was a market to have a look at. We walked over to the Adelaide River Inn and I introduced Georgi to Charlie (the Buffalo from the Crocodile Dundee film). Charlie is stuffed and stands on the bar at Adelaide River Inn. It was a bit early for a beer so we just said hello to Charlie and didn't take a photo. On a previous trip to the NT, Lenny had really enjoyed Litchfield so it was going to be interesting to see what, if anything, had changed. We drove through Batchelor ... read more
Termite mounds all aligned north south
Florence Falls from the lookout
Picnic lunch spot by the Florence Creek

We are back in Darwin tonight after a pretty tiring couple of days. After our very busy last day at Kakadu we drove out back onto the Stuart highway and up to Batchelor. This is where the Litchfield National park begins. Its the most amazing park for waterfalls and plunge pool billabongs. We first stopped for diesel at Batchelor. After trying to get some shade for the Bago, Rob declared he's going to steer clear of trees from here on! yep we caught the branches with the top of the Bago! First falls were Florence Falls. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos here because Rob was feeling a bit unwell so had a kip in the Bago while I walked down. So I only took the camera as far as the viewing platform. I snapped a ... read more
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park
Litchfield National Park

Hello People, It’s the last day of the tour with Mel and two of the girls in our group today and the four oldies, this is because this whole 13 day tour we are doing is split into 3 sections, so other people can choose to do 3, 6, 10 or 13 days. Today on the itinerary was the drive over to Litchfield National park, some more waterfalls and spring feed streams (Florence Falls, Buley Rockhole waterfalls and Wangi falls). Always refreshing as it is so hot and muggy!! First thing we visited was the termite mounds there are two types, the tallest being the Cathedral Termite mounds these can get up to 6 metres in height, and the Magnetic mounds which are the thin grave stone mounds that the termites build facing north/south, so their ... read more

Today we got started a little earlier to try and see things before the heat of the day got too bad but when I began fixing stuff for a picnic I found all the bread had gone off again. It doesn’t last long in this humid heat! We went into Batchelor and got the bread and a few other groceries and then noticed a Post Office tucked away in a room at the back of the store. I needed more stamps for postcards to Mum in England and wanted to mail a small gift to Stacey for her birthday, so we temporarily abandoned the shopping basket and went in. Barry wanted to post a letter and asked where the post box was. He was directed to a metal waste bin sitting atop the desk with a ... read more
A Replica of Karlstein Castle, Prague
Magnetic Termite Mounds
A Massive Cathedral Termite Mound

September 6, 2014 – We headed out bright and early to Litchfield National Park, a 1500 square kilometer park, 100 km southwest of Darwin. This was Father’s Day in Australia and we were expecting the roads to be busy. Maybe we left before the crowds, or maybe we were just faster than the rest (the speed limit is this part of Australia is 130 kms/hr!!) but, we didn't meet another vehicle until we were well within the park. Termites! Everything in Australia is big! And nothing symbolizes this more than their termite mounds – one type of termite (there are several kinds) build tall Cathedral Mounds that can be over 50 years old! They’re not the kind a cathedral I’m used to, but I did feel a kind a reverence for the tiny creatures that create ... read more
Florence Falls
Wangi Falls
Shady Creek Walk

Litchfield National Park This is a very significant park, both in size and proximity to Darwin. In fact, we were surprised at the number of coach tours we ran into within the park, despite this now being the off season. We drove north from Katherine and stopped at a free camp for lunch, but since the day was running well we pushed on to Bachelor. The helpful lady at the info centre provided us with some local info and suggested that we would find a camp spot at Wangi Falls as there had been little traffic. So we pushed on, and sure enough, there were several camp spaces available, and we chose the longest so we didn't have to take off the trailer when we parked. Wangi falls is about 50ks into the park, in fact ... read more
Termite penthouse
Tall cathedral mound
Magnetic Termite's mound

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