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December 14th 2011
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Peter had the time of his life catching Barra at the Flicking Fish Barramundi Farm
Stopped here in Darwin for 5 nights. We have really enjoyed it here. We were not expecting it to be as busy, modern and as trendy as it is.

Yes it is very humid but we have our fair share of humid sticky, hot days in queensland too!

As long as you have a pool to cool off in and airconditionong to sleep in at night it is a great place to be in December. We have experienced a couple of storms, the volume of water that gets dumped is amazing and the lightning is spectacular.

One negative thing will remain in our memories for a long time and that is the intruder in our van on Monday night while we were sleeping.

I had only just gone to the loo and was back in bed starting to doze off to sleep again. It was 3am in the morning and still dark. I heard a noise and the van wobbled a bit and I thought it was the bats on the roof and opened my eyes to look up at the skylight on the roof to see what the stupid bats were up to. I then saw
Kylie feeding the Bat FishKylie feeding the Bat FishKylie feeding the Bat Fish

If you are quick you can get a pat in. Bit slimy though.
a torch light flick about inside a bit. A bit confused I sat up a little to see what was going on. I thought Peter was on the floor on his hands and knees but then my focus got a bit better and it was someone tucking their little pen torch behind their ear and reaching up to pick up our lap top computer. I reached forward still a bit confused and when I touched Peter there asleep beside the realisation of what was going on totally freaked me out! Somehow I developed this very deep scary voice and bellowed GET OUT! GET OUT OF HERE! and the guy backed out of the van and took off with Peter up out of bed like a shot ranting and raving himself when he heard me. We rang the police. We couldn't sleep after that and also had a very restless night the next night. From now on we will double lock the door!! It's a shame Max wasn't here to greet him.

Additional photos below
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Peter feeding the Bat FishPeter feeding the Bat Fish
Peter feeding the Bat Fish

These were the best to feed. They suck the bread out of your fingers.
Mandoorah JettyMandoorah Jetty
Mandoorah Jetty

We ttok a ferry cruise across the harbour and had lunch at the Mandoorah Pub. That was an experience...no wine or champaign, lunch served on paper plates. It is a bit of a bikie pub I think.
Darwin Harbour Darwin Harbour
Darwin Harbour

This is the view of the harbour from the esplanade in the city. The water is soo clear and a greeny blue.

Little friendly possum. Don't think he liked the bread though as he didn't come back again. We named him scabby because of the scab on his tail and his cheeky demanding way of scabbing for food.

20th December 2011

Happy Birthday Peter,hope you have a great day! been following your blog,very interesting:)
where are you going to be for christmas?
20th December 2011

Happy Birthday Peter
Hey Peter and Kylie I just wanted to wish Peter a Happy Birthday and say wish you both a very happy Christmas! I will try to ring you guys for Christmas! Haven't had much time to read your blogs until recently - cause I am now on holidays!! It sounds like you are having some great experiences!! All the kids have finished school and Jess has finished forever. She ended up with an OP 2 which is fantastic, but she is unsure of which course to do. She has until January 5th to finalise! I will try to ring soon! Marg
20th December 2011

Thanks for the birthday wishes i will call this week.
21st December 2011

Sent you a Happy Birthday yesterday
Don't think you got my message,hope you had a good one!we read your blog all the time, where will you be for christmas.Had the get together at Margs today,nice to see everyone,glad you're having fun:)
22nd December 2011

G'day Peter and Kylie. Glad to see you made it to the top end. Love the blog and the pics, keep em coming. Merry Christmas to you both & happy birthday (belated) Pete. Stay safe and don't drink too many Darwin stubbies over Christmas.
22nd December 2011

Merry Christmas to you to John, we will keep the beers to a minimum.

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