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Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin » City of Darwin August 31st 2019

Having left Komodo Island, we had more sea days as we cruised east to Darwin, our next port of call. We were to arrive around 4.00pm, but we were delayed as another vessel was berthed at our wharf. There are many things that happen along the way while at sea, most are enjoyable and entertaining, but for some, a perfectly good cruise can turn into a nightmare. This cruise was no different. One passenger took very seriously ill about 7 hours after departure from Singapore. Another tripped on the deck and broke an arm. Closer to Darwin, another passenger took ill and the care flight helicopter met Pacific Dawn at sea to winch up a patient and take them to Darwin's Hospital. The evacuation is a slow and precise flight process in co-ordination with the ship's ... read more
Pacific Dawn all lit up
Rescue at sea
Rescue at sea

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 25th 2019

Somehow you think that 8 or 9 days off the grid is going to mean your phone just explodes with messages when you get back on line. Anticlimax then, as very little had changed in the previous week. Also, most people who would write to us, knew we were off the grid. So it didn't take so long to catch up on life as we eagering tapped at our phones in the car park of a Coles in Kununurra, on still-patchy coverage. It turns out the earthquake was a 6.8 off the coast of Broome, rare, but with no long term consequences.. We still had four nights of jeep camping to go before we needed to return the jeep to Britz in Darwin. Four days and the whole Northern Territory at our disposal. With so many ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 11th 2019

Upon leaving Stanthorpe, destination Kimberley region, it made sense to head up the guts of QLD, cross the border after Mt Isa, and skip into & over NT into WA.......hmmmm Trevor had other ideas! Trevor, the cyclone that is. With every road in a northerly direction between us and the Kimberley closed, washed away or bogged, our hand was forced into driving south then across then up - like some crazy magic carpet ride we embarked on this journey on March 25th. After finishing up the last bits & pieces on the cottage, and trying to fit our entire lives into the little white box that is Boris Minor, we got away about 4pm and stopped off at one of our favourite 'local' camping spots (the Showgrounds at Tenterfield, about 30 mins south) where we enjoyed ... read more
Railway Siding Curdimurka
Sawpit Gorge WA
The reason for the long drive

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin June 5th 2019

Four years ago, in September 2015, I travelled alone for six days to Darwin, which is the capital city of the Northern Territory. It was my last destination in Australia and I haven't seen any new places since then. This trip was very special to me as it inspired me to write a paragraph in my travel blog about Australia, and enabled me to win a writing contest on Harmony Day at TAFE. Darwin is the smallest and most northerly of the Australian capital cities. The modern city of Darwin is located on the traditional land of the Larrakia people who continue to live in the city and surrounding country today. The Larrakia maintain ongoing spiritual and cultural practices linking their people to the land. There are four other Aboriginal groups who traded and maintained social ... read more
Cruising Mary river on the tour to Kakadu National Park
At the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
My selfie of the Aboriginal Spiritual Land (Arnhem Land)

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 17th 2018

I had a day on my own for today, back to wandering around aimlessly, or rather with the one sole aim of finding animals. I covered over 20ks today so it's a good thing I like walking. I like doing this, wandering around on my own is good fun. Not when it's costing me an average of 150 to 200 dollars (Australian) per day though which is I think is the absolute best cast scenario if I did a long trip in Australia on my own. That's the main reason I'm sponging off, I mean catching up with, family while in Australia and doing my wandering about on my own in Asia on the cheap (though I don't think my time in Singapore will be all that much cheaper. Anyway, I headed off on my own ... read more
Orange-footed Scrubfowl
Cannonball Tree Flower

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 16th 2018

As everyone knows, owls don’t actually exist. They’re a myth invented just to annoy birders and to get them to stare at empty patches of vegetation where these mythical owls roost. Anyway, we started with an early morning visit to the Darwin Esplanade which isn’t particularly birdy being a pretty well manicured stretch of grass that overlooks the sea. But at the end of it near some steps that go down to the beach is a big patch of trees where the internet says that a family of Barking Owls roost. Obviously, they weren’t there or at least weren’t visible. A passing jogger said that the owls could sometimes be seen flying in before dawn when it’s still dark. But obviously she was just part of the conspiracy since owls don’t actually exist. We couldn’t spend ... read more
Grey-crowned Babbler at Holmes Jungle
Banteng and Water Buffalo
New Guinea Croc

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 15th 2018

We started the morning with a quick pop back into Litchfield National Park to look around a bit and see if there was anything interesting about. The most interesting thing for me was that near one of the big waterfalls (Wangi Falls) there was a trail going through a small patch of monsoon forest where the trees above were absolutely filled with Black Flying Foxes. Hundreds of them, possibly into the thousands, making a huge amount of noise, showering the ground below with droppings (though I didn’t get hit) and just making a spectacular sight. I also finally managed to get a picture of Red-winged Parrots. I’ve been seeing them flying around and they are stunning in flight over the road, but today was my first view of them perched. We then checked out of the ... read more
Red-winged Parrot
Black Flying Fox
Black Flying Fox

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 11th 2018

Day 13 - Darwin Last day / Kakadu Trip Today we decided to visit Litchfield National Park. This park has a reputation of being a great park to go and see waterfalls and to swim in natural pools. Now a couple of days ago I saw a comment in Trip Advisor that mentioned that there was a crocodile sighting at Wangi Falls which was our first point of call. We arrived at Wangi Falls at about 9.30am and there were a few cars but NO ONE was swimming even though the Falls were open for swimming. I wanted to chuck my sister in to check out the crocs but she wasn’t happy about the idea. A great place to visit and swim no doubt but we had been traumatised by our croc jumping tour and therefore ... read more
Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls - Bats
A view of Florence Falls from the car park

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 10th 2018

Day 12 - Darwin / Kakadu Trip Another warm day, another warm night. I can get used to this weather. The humidity is bearable at 74% but the temps have been fantastic. The top temperatures are in the low 30s and the low in the high teens. Today we decided to give Berry Hot Springs another go. The last time we visited was Sunday afternoon and the locals reckon we were silly to go anywhere near the Springs on the weekend due to the sheer number of visitors. Therefore we were there at 8.45am and even then there was a small mini bus full of tourists in the water when we arrived. We got into the water like a herd of water buffalos and soon these elderly were moving on. It was quite pleasant to sit ... read more
Taking a moment before we take off
The daughter is at the helm and I am worried.

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Darwin July 9th 2018

Day 11 - Darwin. / Kakadu Trip Only one planned activity today but boy was it a doozy. We booked to go on a Crocodile jumping tour. There are a few of these types of tours and we went to the original one set up about 30 years ago. Well we were not disappointed. Let me just say it was frightening to see these majestic killer creatures at such close range. They were jumping out of the water as close as 50cm from us. It was funny watching Tracey cringe. Check out the photos. After this momentous cruise we headed off to the Darwin War Museum. Now the impact of World War II was lost on me until I went to this museum. The bombing of Darwin in Feb 1942 had such a great impact on ... read more
A Five metre crocodile should be respected
Dont even thing about swimming with the Crocs. Not like dolphins
This one was called Brutus. I think his name suits him

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