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September 3rd 2011
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It always made me cringe that most Australians seemed to have an opinion on aboriginal issues, even though they more than likely had never met an aboriginal person. I have to admit I was totally ignorant about the indigenous culture, being typically schooled on AC (after Cook) Australian history. But since travelling in the Northern Territory, I have tried to listen and expand my limited knowledge... Read Full Entry

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crayfish salad lunchcrayfish salad lunch
crayfish salad lunch

so sweet & tender. maymak! (meaning "it's good" in Yolngu).
kinship cycleskinship cycles
kinship cycles

can't even begin to explain the mega-complex relationships. children belong to the same moeity as their father, and their mother belongs to the other moeity. plus you cannot marry someone from the same moeity - it's like marrying your sibling.

freshwater billabong where we bathed twice - luckily no freshwater crocs around!

everyone either sings or plays an instrument, and are likely to be in a band - so talented! PJ and Arian are in the East Journey band.

15th October 2011

That looks amazing
What an incredible visit. The photos are so amazing. Thanks for sharing this.
17th October 2011

Dreaming in time
Gus, i have had the opportunity to go to Kakadu, and wondered in amazement with a stare across the plains to Arnhem land. Thank you for reinforcing my thoughts on what is a beautiful place made up of beautiful people. We have so much to learn from these gifted people.

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