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January 5th 2011
Published: January 19th 2011
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1: Bearded Dragon head bobbing 8 secs
2: Perentie feeding time 19 secs
After a week of early starts it was nice not to have to get up early or vacate the room by 10am. We had a lazy morning then wandered into the centre where we had lunch at a vegetarian Chinese tea room (but failed to get any tea - it was too hot for hot drinks!) which Mark loved but I was slightly disconcerned that I couldn't figure out what some of the food was!

We then popped along to the Alice Springs Reptile Centre where we were in time to meet some of the animals - a couple of Beared Dragons, a Blue-Tongue Skink & an Olive Python. It was nice that we were trusted to hand the lizards around between ourselves instead of having a member of staff hovering over every move. We were also in time to watch the Perentie getting fed which was fun - it was interesting the way he just flopped once he had caught his meat! We found a few Western Brown Snakes but the colour variation most like the snake that bit me was hiding & we could only see his head. We also got to admire a couple of Death Adders, a Frilled Lizard, Shingle or Sleepy Lizards, Terry the Saltwater Croc, several Python species and many Beared Dragons & Blue-Tongued Skinks. The highlight for me was finally seeing some Thorny Devils up close - although they get stressed easily so we can't hold them. We also looked around the Geko Cave - a darkend room for these nocturnal critters. One of the best things about the place was Frank the Goanna who was loose on the floor of the centre & who could be petted.

After that we found the Royal Flying Doctors visitors centre opposite & decided to return there later. We then set off to find a supermarket where I got a few packs of biscuits - one for the Flying Doctors (which we left with the lovely lady at the visitors centre) and two for the hostpital staff. Luckily when we turned up at the hospital we ran into one of the Doctors who had treated me so he buzzed us through to the ward where I could thanks people properly.

That evening the rest of our tour group returned to Alice so we met up with them again at Annie's Place for supper and
Thorny DevilThorny DevilThorny Devil

I LOVE these! I think they look like they've had chocolate drops stick on them! These thorns & a network of channels on the skin allow them to gather water from condensation to drink!
to find out what we had missed. Whilst I'm sorry I didn't get to do the Uluru walk or see King's Canyon I did get to fly with the Flying Doctors and the restful day in Alice was much appreciated!

Additional photos below
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Western Brown SnakeWestern Brown Snake
Western Brown Snake

One of Australia's most deadly - possibly the one who it me!
Woma PythonWoma Python
Woma Python

Another candidate for who bit me. This one is harmless but also fatter than whatever bit me!
Frank the GoannaFrank the Goanna
Frank the Goanna

A Spencer Goanna
Sleepy LizardSleepy Lizard
Sleepy Lizard

No, that's thair name! (aka Shingleback)

19th January 2011

I love thorny lizards too, and Frank is cute :)

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