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September 26th 2018
Published: September 26th 2018
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I visited the Reptile Center here in Alice Springs - it isn't very big but its got the 'Right Stuff'. I saw two different exhibit shows one on their prized Saltwater Crocodile named "Terry" as well as, a lizard and snake show and tell. Before the shows I was able to tour the reptiles on exhibit throughout the place and while not very big the cast was deadly interesting. The deadliest snake in the place rose up to give me an eye to eye stare down (He won)- The mighty Coastal Taipan.

I enjoyed the saltwater crocodile show the best because the guy giving the talk was so cocky I found myself rooting for Terry the Salty. However, the guy knew his stuff and probably said 10 times when in Darwin and the north just don't go near the water PERIOD. He said the Salty's are more of a danger because they are big enough to see anything as prey. A Croc's bite pressure is two to three times that of an Alligator and size wise are double or triple the size of US Gators. Terry was only about 11 feet long but is young yet. Another difference between Croc's and Gators is that Gators have vibration sensory inputs around their mouths. Crocodiles have them the length of their body. So if you make a splash behind a Croc he can direct a hit strictly based on vibration sensors. While Salty's will go in Salt water and or fresh water their name actual comes from a salt gland that they have in their mouth.

The python I am holding in the picture is also a youngster it will grow to be 16 feet or bigger. I asked for someone to take this picture specifically for my herpetologist son.

Tomorrows pictures will be from Uluru - Can't wait.

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