A Trip of Stress or a Lifetime of a trip!!

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October 1st 2009
Published: October 1st 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

So where to start.......

A few nights ago i was laying in bed thinking to myself, what have i done in my life so far that would be a something i could remember for the rest of my life? I'm 27 , Single, worked since i was 16 as a chef ( trades qualified ) , have no debts , have everything i could ever want for a settled life yet still have a yearning to do something exciting............So far nothing has really been that exciting to hold onto as a lasting memory.

I thought to myself why not backpack......then started thinking where to?

As you could imagine bad decision....this kept me up all night wondering of endless possibilities.

Few days had passed before i thought of it again, I started wondering if i keep putting this off I'll never end up traveling, most i have done is interstate in Australia, nothing of any excitement level.

So i finally bit the bullet and started planning a trip, my brother who lives with me walked past and seen what i was working on and decided he would like to do it as well. He being a little younger i was thinking yeh , sure a week later and you will have forgotten about it.

But here he is today pushing me to start getting plans in motion after a day or two relaxing.

Anyways this is the first of many posts to come, i hope some of you follow my journey from the planning to the doing stage and keep update in each step. every major step along the way will include pictures and i will also be updating this blog with posts and pictures on the road. So enjoy!!!


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