The Trip of a Lifetime (4) Gundegai to Tarcutta

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February 23rd 2008
Published: February 24th 2008
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Gundadai to Tarcutta

Old Murrumbidgee BridgeOld Murrumbidgee BridgeOld Murrumbidgee Bridge

Aren't Australian names great !!


I suspect from what I can read on the net that it is no longer used. I also saw a photo almost exactly like mine on Google Images. A bit better quality cause it didn’t have the spots on it.
This is outside the town of Gundagai.

Tuesday 27 January 1987

"Tarcutta waiting for car to be fixed. Luckily pool, trampoline. Walking distance (long for Susan) to what few shops. Kids bought some souvenirs"

It’s amazing what memories those brief notes from my diary on both Monday and Tuesday bring back.

Tarcutta, population 350 with a car and a trailer full of animals and children. Only one hotel in the town and luckily a garage that could fix the car. Luckily we had chosen a Holden so most places could find parts for it. Not luck really, we chose that sort of car knowing we could break down in the middle of nowhere.

Because that's where we were, in the middle of nowhere !!

Tarcutta is half way between Melbourne and Sydney on the main highway, and apparently the favoured route for racing people and their horses. So although we weren’t allowed to have Shadow in the hotel with us, he was given his own horse stall. He was so agitated about leaving us, he managed to knock the door down and get out. Something that is totally safe for a horse is not necessarily safe for a dog.

I remember the heat and the boredom. As I mention in my diary, pool and trampoline at the hotel to help keep the kids entertained, but not me. Bored. Bored. Bored.

I remember walking into “town” through sheer boredom, and to help to entertain the kids. Dry, hot, boring. We were there for 3 days and I didn’t take one photo. Funny that. So all in all it was a pretty miserable 3 days.


24th February 2008

That was when you needed a computer to keep you entertained, hey Madeleine. I wonder how different the town is now and whether it has all those things now. You most likely wouldn't be as bored if you broke down there these days. LOL................
25th February 2008

That's an interesting thought. This trip is the first time I will be travelling with my own lap top, so the boring times like that will be totally different. I'm not sure if it has changed all that much. An outback Aussie small town doesn't really change all that much.
7th March 2008

Yes, aussie names are great.

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