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October 31st 2006
Published: October 31st 2006
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Sadly, our much loved Travelpasses, giving us unlimited access to most buses, trains, and ferries, expired yesterday. Soooo that meant a ton of walking for us. Derek and I walked all the way to downtown so that we only had to pay a $4 return train fare, while Mark just walked everywhere he went.

I don't really have much to say in this entry, but since updates might become sparse after tomorrow, I felt obligated to post something. Derek and I met up with Troy and Mark S. at a huge mall in Bondi Junction. The Quicksilver store had a massive sale section, which we descovered on Sunday, so we went back for a second look. I resisted temptation (NOT easy!) but Derek decided to buy a longsleeved rash guard. I think it was a really good purchase, because it was super discounted, looks good, and will be really helpful for avoiding sunburn when snorkelling and surfing in Asia. We're really hoping to be able to find some good waves on our journey. We've all caught the surfing bug and kind of want to satisfy our cravings before we return to the land of frigid waters and crazy thick wetsuits. Mark S. and Troy each bought a rash guard and board shorts, to the tune of about $100 I'm sure. Those guys had better find a real job soon, or they're going to be hooped.... Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out for them. Oh, if you're wondering, a rash guard is like a shirt made out of synthetic, quick drying material that protects your arms and chest from rubbing against the surfboard when you're paddling, and it also helps to protect your body from intense UV rays (probably you all knew that already).

Mark Wright had to go downtown to the Canadian Consolate because he was having a new Visa card FedExed there for him. Luckily, it arrived today or else he would have been hooped, too. He's been without a Visa since like Friday or something. But it all seems to be good now.

Tonight, all the boys went to this restaurant downtown that serves kangaroo, emu, and crocodile for something like $25 a plate. While I was game initially, I wasn't really super well today and wasn't really hungry, so I didn't feel in to paying $25 for a meal I didn't even want to eat. Sooo in the end Mom just came and met me at my hostel, and we went and had $5 pad thai together. I'll be interested to hear how the boys' meals went. After that, they're going back to Empire Bar to hopefully win another foozeball tournament and the accompanying $100 bar tab. It was pretty close last week, so I'll have to let you know if they're able to pull off a three-peat. I'm kind of enjoying a quiet reading. I've barely grazed the surface of the Nelson Mendela autobiography I'm reading, so it's good to get in to that a bit.

Tomorrow we check out of our much beloved Alishan home-away-from-home and prepare to say goodbye to Australia. I seriously love this country and its people, and I'm already planning my return. I was talking to an employee at the Quicksilver store while the boys were trying rash guards on, and he was saying that tons of Canadians come to the U of Sydney to go to medical school because it's much cheaper and they love Australia. Hmmmm.... interesting propostion.... I may have to look in to that. The people here are wonderful--adventurous and outdoorsy, but really kind, helpful and considerate, too (not that those are mutually exclusive, or anything). The beaches are amazing and so is the wildlife. Everything about Sydney, except the agressive drivers, is great. I'll be back, for sure!

Oh, and halloween was a serious let down. There were a couple kids with weak costumes trick or treating at stores downtown, but the whole thing was pretty pathetic. I haven't seen a single jack-o-lantern. Shocking!


31st October 2006

You should have gone to Japan if you want Halloween. Its huge there. Its going to be pretty weak here tonight, Jess, without your energy. NO PUMPKINS. I will put the dancing ghost out though. Catch up to you in Bangkok.
4th November 2006

Shocking indeed! I do hope that you at least carved an apple or something.

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