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December 27th 2006
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London, a few hours before I left for the airportLondon, a few hours before I left for the airportLondon, a few hours before I left for the airport

From the top of Lambeth Palace.thanks Ele and Family:)
This is mostly a photo blog with a list of places visited. Some of the photo's have captions and I think there is more than one page of photo's so don't forget to click next and look at the last few photo's - some would say they were the most interesting!

London - after Clara's wedding, went back to london with Ele and her mum and spent my last few hours in the UK at Lambeth Palace! not too shabby......Thanks for that

Singapore - I did venture out into the city briefly on the way over and would love to go back there one day for a proper visit. Singapore airport is lovely, if you have to have a short stopover, its the place to do it!

Blue mountains - This time did a proper tour which was good fun with Ciaran and Thomas and included a visit to Olympic park on the way back, followed by a river cruise into Sydney at night time.

Sydney - it was nice to live in the city (a place called woolloomooloo) this time for a change although as chance would have it I ended up working on the north shore of sydney closer to where i used to live in manly!but most of my friends lived/worked in the city so it was convienient from that perspective too.

Hyde Park- a bit different to london's version (no boating lake) but nice to stroll through and relax in, particularly in the summer and when they have festivals on.

Sydney Aquarium-definately worth a visit and helped me have a new found respect for crocodiles (not that I didn't respect them already!) as they are perfectly designed for survival in pretty much every way - its amazing!

AMP Tower - the tallest building in Sydney (you can see it from pretty much anywhere), went up here at night time for beautiful views over sydney

Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory - went to this football match at the Aussie stadium, great atmosphere.

Halloween - a few of us got dressed up for Halloween -check out the pictures!

Revisiting Manly - I went here a few times for work and also took Ciaran there to show him round ol' Manly - visited the markets and Shelly beach.

The Bondi to Coogee walk - Sculptures by the sea. This
First views of sydney as I flew back in!First views of sydney as I flew back in!First views of sydney as I flew back in!

This time,I was on the right side of the plane for photo's!yey!
is an outdoor sculpture exhibition that runs for 3 weeks every year and is on part of the Bondi to Coogee walk (Bondi to Turramurra). Some call it art..... actually some of it wasn't bad and the scenery is beautiful so its definately a walk worth doing!

Manly to the Spit walk -another beautiful walk, takes about 3 1/2 hours to do and if you've got time, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to stop at on the way and dip your toes in. Its not a coastal walk though, its along the inner harbour.

Rugby league tri nations final Australia vs new zealand! Again fantastic atmosphere and I was at the end where the winning try was scored!

U2 concert! Ok so I don't have any of their albums (buying them is on my to do list...) but they were amazing in concert, really good!

A quick trip to Melbourne to see my friend Jayne - was really good to see Jayne and Glenn and I visited when the bush fires were raging so it was really smokey! But it was nice to go with them to Williamstown in the evening.

Bridge Climb -
The AMP TowerThe AMP TowerThe AMP Tower

Didn't do any special camera work, this is just how it came out in the afternoon sun from Hyde Park. Wherever you are in the city, you can see this tower
Ciaran, Thomas and I did the bridge climb the week before I left, don't forget to check out the fetching photo of them in their suits! We couldn't take our own camera's up unfortunately but got a complimentary group photo and a certificate. It was worth doing but a bit over priced. You do get the photo and free entry to the bridge pylon but a backpacker discount would be nice!

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My new favourite treeMy new favourite tree
My new favourite tree

These are in bloom at the moment all over sydney and pretty much has no foliage just beautiful purple flowers- Its called a Jaranaga tree (pronounced Ja-run-ga)
In the blue mountainsIn the blue mountains
In the blue mountains

it was a scorching hot day but a little windy sitting on the cliff top! I think this might be where the darkness filmed one of their video's!
The Three sisters in Blue mountainsThe Three sisters in Blue mountains
The Three sisters in Blue mountains

check out the aborigini story that goes with these rock formations
Sunset over the olympic park on the return from the blue mountainsSunset over the olympic park on the return from the blue mountains
Sunset over the olympic park on the return from the blue mountains

Does every entry have a sunset? Probably.........
Beware the noble platypusBeware the noble platypus
Beware the noble platypus

and the venomous spur on the hind leg
Meet your friendly neighbourhood octopusMeet your friendly neighbourhood octopus
Meet your friendly neighbourhood octopus

this species is found in sydney harbour
Harmless jellyfish..................Harmless jellyfish..................
Harmless jellyfish..................

yes, they are lit up but I think this is similar to how they look in the ocean
Sydney FC vs Melbourne VictorySydney FC vs Melbourne Victory
Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory

Going to a football game in Sydney - I actually started off a football chant...."who are ya? who are ya?" great fun!

27th December 2006

Great Photos
The beautiful purple tree is called a Jacaranda tree. Looks like you're having a great time.

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