All'alba vincerr vincerincerr"

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December 3rd 2008
Published: December 6th 2008
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"Dilegua, o notte!
Tramontate, stelle!
Tramontate, stelle!
All'alba vincerr vincerincerr"

Love a bit of Nessun Dorma!!!!!!! NOT!!! although standing in front of this world famous Opera House I can't seem to stop singing this in my head.!!!

Nic - Hhhmmm.....not just in his head, and after the fifth recital it was beginning to drag a little! Anyway, back again to another big city. We were a bit apprehensive as to whether bother visiting at all as we tend to get bored in cities with no money to spend, and also a lot of travellers we'd met had said how horrid it was!!!

So expecting the worst, we arrived cold and tired after a long overnighter.....yes cold, how nieve of me to think that all of Australia was hot, I was glad to have my jeans and fleece to hand!!! It was a windy cloudy day but fortunately it cleared in the afternoon and the strength of the sun became apparant again (No ozone layer here!!) Anyway!....We were pleasantly surprised with what we found. A clean and funky city, where almost everyone seems to be fitness fanatics either circuit training or taking boxing lessons in the park during their
Nic curled up on the bus...Nic curled up on the bus...Nic curled up on the bus...

....Lucky her she's small enought to get comfy!
lunch break, or jogging home after work! Some of the buildings here are totally amazing as well, the old mixed in with the new skyscrapers, and then of course there's the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House.

On any trip to Sydney it's also obligatory to visit the infamous Bondi Beach, and so we set out on a day trip to do just that....chose the perfect day, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the surf was up so we could watch them doing their tricks! We couldn't believe how cold the water was though, a total shock to the system.....can't be much warmer than the English channel - just a bit nicer looking though so we were tmepted to brave it for a second or two to get the circulation going...bbbrrr!!!

Managed to jig our flights around while we were here as well, and so now we can fly to New Zealand 10days earlier than planned....cant wait!

Dan - In our Hostel we met a lovely couple Chris & Jo from UK who had just arrived from New Zealand and couldn't rave about it enough, they really reasured us of our decision to leave Oz early!! it's a shame we were leaving because they were one of only a few couples that we've met since being away that are bang on our level!!.

Once you've seen the Bridge, the Opera house etc then like Nic says unless you have money to burn there's not much else to hang around for!! you get people here in hostels that have been here for weeks (although some are trying to find work) I can't understand it!!

Next we are finallly going to get away from the coast and inland by heading up to the 'Blue Mountains' which we've heard are beautiful (apprantly it's cold up there, I can for see Nic getting Bumps that mother goose herself would be proud of!!!)

Back soon

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The Rocks..The Rocks..
The Rocks..

...Oldest part of Sydney
Yikes, it's abit cold...Yikes, it's abit cold...
Yikes, it's abit cold...

...Freezing in fact!!
Oh Sh*t!!!.......Oh Sh*t!!!.......
Oh Sh*t!!!.......

End of the Goon!!!
Anyone remember Jonathan ....?Anyone remember Jonathan ....?
Anyone remember Jonathan ....?

.........from 'Highway to heaven'!!!

....It's too warm here for Christmas!

6th December 2008

Big Country is OZ
I reckon you ain't given the ole girl the chance she deserves, but hey, what the hell do I know! Australia's huge, gotta be something there that rattles your cage, presses the buttons! As long as you don't go swimming with any more of them damn shark like creatures! Go and play with a few crocs, for a change! You could have done a bit of sheep shearing out and around Ayres Rock, picked a few grapes down in sunny Perth, watch the grass grow in the dessert , bugger it, you're better off in New Zealand! Get out of there! NZ will be just fine and dandy, I'm sure, hope you'll have a whale of a time out there. Have fun people, LOL from Old Man Walton

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