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September 7th 2019
Published: September 7th 2019
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The bread shop were I got an almond pastry
Today was my first full non-jet lagged day in Sydney! We still haven't seen our help x host person yet and got no instructions for work so after an impromptu breakfasts of roasted sweet potatoes, avocados and eggs we hopped on a bus towards the city center. After an hour-long journey we arrived at Wynyard Station and began our search for a coffee shop to do a bit of trip planning. The city streets are build up with skyscrapers and small shops like New York City, but about a quarter of the people and vehicles. A brisk wind blustered through the streets and I wished I had a beanie while Alec pined for his jacket he left at the host house. After walking past a few coffee shops we realized they weren't set up for productivity or comfortable seating, most had less than 10 seats, or no tables. We wandered around, looking for yet another shop courtesy of Google maps and found ourselves in the Westfield Shopping Center.
This center was like an American mall but better in every way. An escalator lead us down to an absolute plethora of food stalls specializing in Indian, Mexican, American, and Asian foods. Despite the early hour, Alec went for a salmon sushi roll at a stall called Sushi Hub. Next we took out our laptops and looked for some farm work. After applying for some blueberry picking positions we packed up and went off to find some lunch. I went to Sushi Hub and got a teriyaki tofu roll with wasabi that left my head buzzing for a few minutes after finishing the meal. We walked around the center and I got a veggie samosa at North Indian Flavor. On the way out we went to an bread store and I got an almond sweet roll at Bread Top then we made our escape before more delicious smells seduced us into buying more food. We crossed Darling Harbour on a pedestrian bridge, enjoying the sun, sea breeze, and birds. Heading in the general direction of the Chinese Garden of Friendship, we once again got distracted by a street in the Asian district with delicious smells, colorful advertising in Mandarin, and interesting shops. As we walked along we noticed a line of 20 people crowded around a small stall advertising "Emperor Cream Puff". We joined the line, and after a short wait we were rewarded with miniature cream filled donut-like spheres. As I paid I saw a robotic machine continuously making the puffs. We walked around to a museum before looping back through the Asian district where there was a shop with hilarious names for the drinks. My personal favorite: "my pet is swaggier than me - cocoa milk" or "Love overtime Love being broke - green tea". A final walk through the amazing Westfield Food Court where most of the shops appeared to be closing (at 6!!?) and offered discounted food. I got another samosa and we hopped on the bus back to our host family. Overall a great day in Sydney and I could definitely spend multiple weeks here just going around and eating all day haha.

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Random street bird with a cool beak

Darling Harbour

Funny translated tea names

Didn't dissapoint

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