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February 23rd 2019
Published: February 23rd 2019
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this is my fourth day in sydney and i am at customs house writing to you. it's starting to feel like home here. we had to tender in again, but we will be back beside the opera house tonight around 6 pm for the evening. it is saturday here and much quieter. no loud construction noise and most of the office buildings are closed. the weather is still overcast with showers and around 22 degrees. i was speaking to another passenger and they just heard from their daughter in yorkshire, england, and it is sunny and 18 degrees there!

we had an update from the captain this morning. we are now heading out early tomorrow (sunday) morning, but unfortunately we will be heading east instead of north and not stopping in anymore ports in australia. so we will be loosing 3 more ports. brisbane, yorkeys knob and airlie beach where the great barrier reef is. which is too bad because i had booked a snorkeling tour for the GBR. captain cook gets his weather updates from the main weather monitoring centre in the united states, then gets his orders from the ship's headquarters in hamburg, germany. it is a shame
about the weather and missing ports, but i understand he has to keep the passengers safe. it is what it is and we have to just roll with it. i don't mind really. it's a bit of an adventure.

now we will be heading straight to rabul, papau new guinea, and should be there on the date as scheduled. we will be heading east then up to avoid cyclone Oma as much as possible. i am sure the 5 days at sea will still be rough. yippee..... 😞 the captain told us this morning there was a rogue wave reported just off the coast of brisbane measuring 34 feet high! i think the captain may be right in avoiding the area. 😊 poor girls in the cabin next to me who just boarded the ship our second day in sydney. they were only on for 2 nights and had to leave the ship today. apparently they were just booked on a short 4 day cruise to brisbane. any passengers who were supposed to board in brisbane are now boarding today in sydney, along with more supplies that were supposed to be brought on in brisbane as well.

i never had any desire to see australia. i am glad i didn't fly 24 hours to visit the land down under. i am sure sydney is a much nicer city in the sun, but for me, give me the north west coast any day. good ole BC, washington and oregon!

cruisin (well not at the moment) susan xo

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23rd February 2019

Our virtual cruise!
Hello, we have been following your blog with interest. We were due to be on the Arcadia for the full world cruise, but unfortunately had to cancel due to my husband being ill.We are sorry to hear of the problems there have been with gales, hurricanes, delays and missed ports. We would have been very disappointed to miss Brisbane and the Great Barrier Reef particularly,we hope the rest of your cruise will better, and you will not have any more upsets. You are right, the weather here in the UK is amazingly warm for February, up to 18c in some parts with sunshine. We will enjoy reading the rest of your blog, keep it up, we are on a “virtual cruise” anyway, and will continue to watch with interest. Thank you.
23rd February 2019

Giddy up Captain Cook
I had a good chuckle reading the title to this post lol. Glad you are having fun even though there seems to be some set backs. Love reading your posts and can’t wait for more :) N

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