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August 16th 2010
Published: August 16th 2010
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I'm coming round to the fact that I'm very much on the homeward leg of my travels. I'm carrying as little as possible, missing hot water, and covered in adventure scars and mosquito bites. The battery and now screen on my computer are kaput. But wait - I still have a few weeks to go! And how much you can fit into a few weeks!! Currently 'stuck' on Utila a beautiful island off the coast of Honduras, where there are 'three big lies': "I'm not drinking tonight", "I love you" and "I'm leaving tomorrow". I've now been here over two weeks between working at the iguana research station and getting the advanced open water diver. More on that later...
For now, the pictures are from the roadtrip in USA and just a few from Sydney (I can't resist adding a few marsupials I met at the zoo, and the Sydney Swans limbering up for some Aussie rules action).
The roadtrip was just as it should be. I covered around 4000 miles and saw some incredible landscape. The place is so enormous with so much variety. Why don't they tell anyone about it..? I guess that would be a bit strange given the lengths gone to to make it so difficult to get in! In general, I found the national obsession with size and measurement an entertaining theme, and the quiet evenings (mostly camping and sleeping in the car) were contemplative. The USA still fascinates me, but I just couldn't live there. Between NPR (the national radio channel) and HBO and the whitewash of what the country may have gained from it's natives, I felt grateful for my own ancestry and home. And yet it was good times that I'd do again in a flash - but with good friends..
So I know it's brief, but it saves you having to read my unironed thoughts on the western world. Next up, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and volunteering.
Hasta Luego - gotta go get my dive instructor a drink :o)

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This fella hardly noticed me whilst tucking into some other animals dung!
Meagre bed Meagre bed
Meagre bed

I borrowed a tent and carried nothing else but a sleeping bag, a penknife and some wood! This particular camp was really cold at night...

17th August 2010

So this is what we missed out on our way up??? ;) - Beautiful photos, thanks for taking the trouble - I know it difficult - lol xx
20th August 2010

I see that we missed a bit first time round...;) The canyon land looks amazing... :). Thanks for putting these up darling, I know it's quite an effort where you are... well done, much appreciated xx
23rd August 2010

Yippee! (for me)...
...but not for you because I'm your last leg (so to speak) - but it means I get to see you soon!! When do you fly in? I can't wait to hear about all the adventures. These pics are amazing, definitely makes me want to explore Canyonlands. And I never knew you were such a Ray Mears :) Travel safe lady and I look forward to seeing you very soon for some restful beach action before home xxxxx

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