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April 10th 2008
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april 8 pasta for brekky. payment to clear flags. they'll be here tomorrow. bit of a runaround to say the least. spruik manuka and kingston. library and when i came out there were two slices of cheesecake sitting on table. more than lunch. lakeside black swan stood before me bright red beak, white line across snout. red eyes, black pupils. strong legs powerful webbed swimmers. white underwings hidden, all black and that funny swirl of feathers on butt. so i did library time again. internet and email. read der spiegel. emerged into nite. drank my coopers vintage 7.5% at yc. read kate's present - same old ww2 rehash and finally gave it the flik. and prepared for nite chill with three layers of warmth.
april 9 five large boxes pressed to three and a bit stuffed car and weighed it down. past goulburn to sinny late lunch clovelly barby. and a much needed rest. woollahra library got email from flagsauatralia.com.au which has included sc&b in its list of new designs. also Sc&b mentioned last auguas in berlin by our delegates to world vexillology meet! check it out!!! on homepage - click 'new flag?' and scroll to bottom. sydney mild. sun setting ever earlier.
april 10 'sunrise' ambush advertising for excellent result. they moved koshi and mel so flag couldn't be seen. then waved behind k.d. lang's performance and at the end on martin place behind k&m. shivveriing. went to state library and read 'crux australis' article re sc&b july-sept 07. most recent issue also had sc&b!!! 'chant of jimmy blacksmith' thomas kineally. i can barely read it so dark and brooding. is there an answer, for all the fine words have manifestly failed by anyone's standard. for all the heartfelt sympathy and the billions, it seems inspiration is required. 'old tababidgi could be expected to stumble about at the honest business of killing those who denied due food' a book so profound i read two pages and was sated. as for ralph and 'crux australis' front cover and full interview might do the trick. i don't know about you but i'm 63 and don't want to do this posthumously. i missed berlin, next year we can be the hottest delegation at the summit. fair dinkum mate. parkedup woollahra sailing club.


10th April 2008

Fred , I am getting reports from various people I know that they have seen either you spruiking , bought stickers or seen stickers . People I would never have thought would be interested - have bought stickers . And that is really amazing . Note : Australia 2020 is on at Parliament house on 19-20 April -talkfest on Australias future .... Jon Lee Merimbula NSW

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