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May 5th 2007
Published: May 5th 2007
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Me and Kat on a bridgeMe and Kat on a bridgeMe and Kat on a bridge

Posing towards the end of the walk to Manly beach
DAY 2:

Woke up not too bright and early on Saturday, ready for our major expedition of the weekend, the 10km Spit to Manly walk. After the capoeira training the night before, just getting out of bed was a challenge and I wondered how I would fair after a few hours of walking but hey, nothing was gonna stop me!

It was another beautiful day as Kat, Neil and I set out. The first part of the walk took us along the shore, where another lovely beach lay in wait. We all took our shoes/sandals off and enjoyed walking along in the sand and splashing in the water. Water temperature was good for paddling, a bit chilly for swimming. We reached the end of the beach and then headed into a more foresty area, complete with wooden bridges (slightly Indiana Jones) and lots of trees getting in the way of the path. We were now out of the sun and it was pleasantly cool but not cold. I was feeling the effects of the previous night's capoeira, as my legs were complaining severely about what was effectively a gentle walk across pretty unchallenging terrain. Kat and Neil stormed
Me and Neil on the first beachMe and Neil on the first beachMe and Neil on the first beach

It was a small but lovely beach and sun made the sea was all very bright and colourful
ahead and I felt like a bit of a whimp. Ah, well. I managed to keep up and eventually was rewarded by some magnificent views from the top of the hills opposite Sydney city centre.

After a brief stop for ice cream, we proceeded cheerfully as we had passed the half-way mark. We were really surrounded by plants for a lot of the walk and there were a few I definitely hadn't seen before. Like the one with the strange long orange flower things, which reminded me of corn on the cobb! Also, not so nice, were the huge spiders we came across. Those definitely gave me the creeps. Eventually we emerged from the foresty, rocky terrain out into a park and from then on were pretty much walking along roads or concrete paths through parks. It was stilll very pretty though, green everywhere, nice houses and the sea always not very far away. We started looking forward to food in Manly.

It was strange to think on arrival in Manly, that actually after all that walking along beaches, over foresty hills and cliffs and through parks, that we were still actually in Sydney itself. Just, um, on
View by the seaView by the seaView by the sea

This was the view at the start of our walk. Not bad...
the other side. At this point I definitely started thinking that Sydney should be higher up on my list of places I would like to live in for a little while. This reflection was only reinforced by the sight of Manly beach itself, where we arrived just as the sun was setting. It was a beautiful big long beach with gentle waves breaking on the shore. There was a convenient pedestrian corridor leading to the beach, full of shops and places to grab some food, which came in very handy. It wasn't the most picturesque, after our lovely walk, but the beach made up for it. Unfortunately we couldn't hanf around as we had to catch the ferry back to Sydney. So we grabbed the aforementioned food and headed down to the harbour for the grand finally to our big day out.

We boarded the ferry and got a nice seat at the front. As we set off the sun was setting for good and the sky was a beautiful pink. The views on the bay and sea were lovely for a few brief moments in the last rays of the setting sun. Unfortunately, once the sun had set, it actually got quite cold and we changed to indoor seating which was more comfortable and much warmer. Although the views from the inside were not as good, I could still see a lot as the dark settled over the bay and the bright lights of Sydney started sparkling across the sea. As we approached the harbour, we decided to rush out to take photos of the Opera House, of course. As we cruised into the harbour we got a great view of this iconic building, along with some of the skyscrapers of Sydney harbour. Again, it was really nice. A perfect end to a pretty damn fantastic day and there was still more of Sydney to see.

Additional photos below
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View across the bayView across the bay
View across the bay

Another view with cliffs, blue sea, etc...
Woodland pathWoodland path
Woodland path

Walking up the garden path...
Strange orange aussie plantsStrange orange aussie plants
Strange orange aussie plants

Which to me looked like orange corn on the cobb!

Eeek! Run!
Beautiful treeBeautiful tree
Beautiful tree

A beautiful great big tree in someone's front garden!
Sydney harbour by nightSydney harbour by night
Sydney harbour by night

Pretty good night photo for my poor litle camera!

5th June 2007

Katerina my dear , are you sure that you are getting payed for this job in the Fidjies , please check it when you are back in the UK and look for unexpected charges ! Have more fun and enjoy everything. Ciao , Nikos
5th June 2007

Slightly Surreal Moment
I'm jealous as hell, but this at least made me smile: "We were really surrounded by pants for a lot of the walk". I wouldn't usually point out typos etc, it's just nice to catch up, but this was a happy mistake. Take care, and watch out for those spiders....
6th June 2007

God, we've got so many to to talk about when you come to Crete! Can't wait! Have fun (which you are!). Kisses
6th June 2007

Hi Wendy! Yes, that was a funny typo...which I felt compelled to correct. I then spotted a couple more. I will have to proof read my entries more thoroughly...or maybe I should leave that to you? As a source of amusement?
6th June 2007

Yes, and I can show you a whole load more photos! I can't wait either!

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