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June 17th 2009
Published: June 17th 2009
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HOLY COW.... I'M LEAVING IN THREE DAYS!!!!! I've never truly understood the term 'bittersweet' until these past few weeks. Saying goodbye to these amazing people that I've become friends with over the past year has been way more difficult and depressing than I could have imagined.

But on a happier more strange note... here is a story from last night:

Last night my roommate Winston and I were on our way to the grocery store and stopped in the middle of an intersection, waiting to turn right... and the traffic that was coming towards us was moving at a semi-slow place... well, I look to my right because I notice something moving... and I look again and it's a friggen SHEEP running through the streets of the city!!! (Yes, you read that right... a farm animal was RUNNING through a city) Next thing you know.... BAM... this stupid guy hits it and it bounces off the front of our car and then hits the ground. A bunch of people get out of their cars to help it and it was able to stand up but was bleeding out of its mouth, poor thing. I'm not sure how the poor animal is doing today... and after I finished being sad I couldn't help but laugh at the fact that a freaking RANDOM FARM ANIMAL was running through a MAJOR CITY. Hahaha. It did bring back the memory of the time I ran over an entire raccoon family, which I cried about for hours, but this animal lived, so I figured it was okay to laugh at the situation. Probably the most interesting trip to the grocery store I have ever had, haha.

Anyways, my last exam is tomorrow then partying it up for my last 2 nights in Sydney. I still can't believe how fast this year has gone. Wow.... so sad this amazing adventure has to end....


p.s. Today I went to this AMAZING Japanese restaurant with my roommate Winston, probably just as good as 3 Samurai in Iowa City. I had this AMAZING wagyu beef bento box with rice, miso soup, and a side of sake (salmon) sashimi. If you know me, you know I'm not a big fan of fish, especially sashimi.... but this salmon was DELICIOUS!!! OMG, melt in your mouth salmon. SO GOOD. I'm hungry just thinking about it. And I wish I would have known about that restaurant wayyy before now. SO GOOD!!!! Be jealous.


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