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December 28th 2008
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DAY 51


Sunday in our house in the UK, was never really peaceful, it was a day of painting, carpentry, or fettling or riding the bike, and possibly listening to Steve Wright on a Sunday morning, but it did mean I was out of bed at 5.00am more often than not, and If I wasn’t out on the KTM then Caroline always got her tea in bed.

There is something about mornings I absolutely love, Its my time when I am most productive and creative, the time I just like to contemplate my navel.

I don’t know what happened I just couldn’t get out of bed, those who know me know how I like to got to bed fairly early, you know what they say ” Early to bed Early to Rise”

This morning I just couldn’t get my lazy backside out of bed, so Caroline managed to bring me tea in bed then the three of us snuggled down for a lazy Sunday morning.

When we did finally surface we all agreed that today was house work day, as Faye and Graydon were back on Monday, and we better show them we were responsible adults.

Strangely in the night I was sure I heard someone calling out "Nala, Nala" but thought it was just one of my strange dreams.

Caroline Vacuumed and the dog helped, no not really she just got in the way and when the broom came out she had to be out outside for her vertical take off practice.

When she was out side snuffling about she came back in with a chop of some description and where it came from we haven’t got a clue, unless it was raining chops last night. I mentioned to Caroline about my dream and she wondered if next door had a BBQ, got sauced up and lobbed a chop over for Princess Puppy Paws.

The other day, Nala was growling at the garden and she bolted, only to find next doors kid had climbed over the fence to retrieve his ball, I think she scared the bejesus out of him and now every time the ball comes over he always knocks on the front door to ask for his ball back.

Caroline put some water in the paddling pool so that Nala could play and cool down, unusually Caroline never got on with the hose pipe and managed to soak herself in the process, Nala was splashing around, when the girls came in we decided to bath her (No not Caroline)we put some lukewarm water in the bath and tricked her in coming in to the bathroom, suitably coaxed by Caroline. I lifted the dog in to the bath and thought she would freak out, but this was not the case, she just stood there and accepted being soaped then washed down. When she was dried she looked lovely and as the day had been really warm, we all went for a walk around the area.

She was ever so good on her walk, and when we got back she ran in to the back garden and promptly rolled around in as much dirt as she could find just to spite us, I didn’t know dogs could hold such a grudge, but Caroline reminded me of Panko in Canada in1991.


We stayed at my mate Gary Barbers Auntie and Uncle just outside Toronto in 1991 they had a smallish dog called Panko. Anyway we were all messing around in the garden kicking a ball around.

NOW picture this I took a couple of steps to kick a ball and as my foot made contact with the ball, the ball disappeared and substituted itself with the dog Panko, I kicked this dog right in the guts and she yelped, how the hell this happened I haven’t got a clue, but after apologising to Ray and Joyce and the dog who was fine, everytime this dog saw me I swear she would start to limp just make me feel terrible.

We caught up on friends and families last night by Skype and by the time we got to eat it was well after 9.00 so we just finished tidying up then hit the hay.


29th December 2008

Great Blog
Love the blog. Can't wait till you are on the move and seeing (and reporting on) all the new, exciting places that abound in Australia. Will keep an eye out for your updates.
31st December 2008

Re: Great Blog
Hi Gary, We are both looking forward to getting back on the move. We just needed to get christmas and new year out of the way, get a little bit of planning done. The first part that we have done was a good test for all of our camping equipment, truck, tent etc. Coming back to the Sunshine Coast meant we could sort out a few teething problems then get our journey well underway. Glad you are enjoying the blog, we are enjoying writing it and taking the pictures. Happy New Year. Caroline
2nd January 2009

Hi Guys! What you forgot to mention was the fact that Andy TROD on poor Panko and 2 weeks later he sadly expired !!
2nd January 2009

Morning Matron, I honestly can't remember treading on Panko, but I can remember kicking him, by accident of course. He was probably going to die anyway. I can't see how my intervention accelertated the situation. When we were writing the Pankogate blog, we were hysterical with laughter though. Thats not right.!!!

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