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October 26th 2011
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Well another month has gone by and where are we now?! It's kind of beginning to feel a bit like that at times...

We flew back to Sydney on the red eye from Perth and got in around 6:30am. From there we grabbed a rental car and headed down to Wollongong (since it's cheaper when there are 2 of you than the shuttle, and we weren't really up for a couple hour train journey with heavy bags at that time). We picked up our truck that had been parked at Brett's cousins, had a bit of a visit with them, and then went and grabbed our caravan out of the storage yard and back to our usual spot at Shellharbour Caravan park.

Have to admit is always nice getting back to our little home on wheels, and yes it does feel like home! All 14 feet of it! Only problem is shifting our luggage around from one end to the other before we head off to the next spot, that and trying to work full time, and throw in there a mid week 1 day trip to Melbourne for a work meeting for Kara, and Brett cleaning up and selling our truck, and then buying a new truck, getting new tires, oh and don't forget the hitch so we can tow our caravan back to storage – other than that we didn't really have much going on for the 4 days we were in Wollongong. Can you hear the sarcasm...??! And yes we did buy a new truck; or a car as they call them here, since a truck is what we would call a semi-truck back in Canada. Or you can call it a ute. (Although I still call it a truck just to confuse everyone!) We are quite excited, since it's our first brand new vehicle ever. It was a bit sad to get rid of our old one, but as soon as we got in the new one and a whiff of that new car smell, it does seem like a bit of a distant memory...

So then it was on to our next destination and this time we were driving (of course we would be with a new truck, you can't get us out of it). We were off to Port Macquarie which is a coastal town about 500km's north of Sydney. We have been here before, but either just a drive through or a 1 night stay on our first trip to Australia together back in 1999 where we camped in our campervan on some random street in town – so it will be good to spend a bit of time here.

The weather has been not to bad, although we haven't been outside to enjoy it much between both of us being glued to our computers working or both of us being super sick for 5 days with some sort of food poisioning or stomach bug we picked up or as they like to call it here "the gastro". Not fun being that sick but that term always cracks us up!

We have a nice apartment again, right across from the beach (funny how that happens...) and the skatepark here is in prime location right on the waterfront with about a 3 minute commute for Brett, although he is only on site about 50% of the time when he doesn't have his head glued to the computer. But we think we should be able to handle it for the next couple months. And luckily we have a 2 bedroom apartment which is good news for our visitors that are arriving shortly so they don't have to sleep on the couch; although they would probably be happy with just that!

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