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December 19th 2010
Published: December 19th 2010
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Good morning - its just after 8 am and as I am staying at the YHA in the Blue Mountains and have got 4 hours left of my internet connection before my money runs out - I thought I would do a quick blog of the last few days.
Bet you can't beleive I am up so early!!!!
Arrived here in Blue Mnts - which is about 11/2hr drive west of Sydney. A good road to get here - but then its a toll road... it seems that any faster travel on a road or a tunnel you have to pay... there is an electronic tag things in the car which adds it all up - so I will pay Jo for that when I give her the car back....well thats convenient anyway.
So I managed to fit in a walk while it was sunny with just a small shower yesterday...and these are the photos at Wentworth Falls- beautiful sandstone gorges and fabulous forest as far as the eye can see. Unfortunatley the rain came down in sheets as I arrived in the main town Katoomba I havent seen the main sights yet. But there is hope that I will get to see Three Sisters and other famous sights today as the sun is shining - through the clouds but it is VERY windy so I dont fancy a cable car. Might take the Zig Zag ( of steepest railway fame) railway down adn back. Yesterday's walk was down 100s of steps and that meant walking back up knees are a bit worse for wear!!!
Also hoping to take a good drive around the area and visit some Botanic Gardens - so fingers crossed for the weather. Angela and Ed said it can be cold up there !!!! Well yes I found out last night - went to bed with my cardigan on and put the radiator on in the bedroom....this is summer in Oz. But its not as bad as the snowstruck UK I keep seeing news about . OUCH - sound terrible - feel sorry for people travelling for Xmas. Remembering last year's saga with floods when I was in the Lakes and blizzards when I went to fetch Richard at Edinburgh airport....and we were lucky then we managed to get eevryoine together in the same place.
Prior to my trip here - I have had a few outing in Sydney and surrounds and I thought you might like to see my "bus stop" - well ferry stop actually. I usually hop onthe ferry and it takes me to Circular Quay - which is a main hub in Sydney by the Bridge and Opera House - and from there I can walk or get a bus, train, Monorail... so its a very good public transport system.
I had a day with a new friend Melanie who took me to Botany Bay - a pity it was such a stormy day - we missed the hailstones though that some parts of Sydny had. There was an interesting exhibit giving you the historical background and a lovely walk with a Soundscape - so as you walked around you heard sounds eg birds, people doing activities as it might have been. Nice. Later in the week Mel and I met again and visited the NSW Art Gallery - always lovely to see whats on there... not that we though much of some of the "drawing" competition winners. ( But then I might be too traditional when it comes to that). Chinese porcelain was fabulous....and must go back one day soon to see the terracotta warriors from China.
Went to a lovely concert of Xmas music- Brandenberg ensemble- excellent - thanks Anglea and Ed for taking me there- and we finished up in a Greek resto with a banquet - food just kept coming and coming!!
So thats what I have been doing these past few days. Must stop now and get myself organised to see these famous Three Sisters.
Love to all. L xxxx
PS Jill- yes I am inspired by the needlework I have seen - but not enough to finish my littel shhep yet!!
Colleen - I have already been put onto that Kings in Grass Castle book - just started it.
Sue - I will look for the book you mentioned in the library.
Janice - I have never even seen the Oprah show- I could be the only person in the world who hasnt!!! There was a huge lit up 'O' on the Harbour Bridge - I took a foto but its in the fone and I havent got it off yet. I think most people here think she did a good job putting Oz on the map for US citizens!!!

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Photo 14

Yes it look like I am standing in the water- there was a small beach.

20th December 2010

Merry Christmas
Hi Lynne. Your photos look wonderful and I am pleased to hear you are having the time of your life. We are gearing up for Xmas, and Flynn is very excited. I could have probably had a little trip away myself with what I have spent on presents for him! I just wanted to say have a lovely Christmas and New Year. I am hoping to meet up with Suz before she comes over to see you. It is currently -5 so I have my thermal knickers on! Much love, Hils x
20th December 2010

Do you want any snow??
I continue to be fascinated with your exciting travel details, feeling like I'm there with you, if only!!! Getting a little fed up with the snow now but sounds like we are not done with it just yet. Nearly ready for Xmas now so hope you have a lovely day with your friends and look forward to the next blog. Much love for now xxx

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