Gearing up for the big trip

Published: June 6th 2013
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The beastThe beastThe beast

New tyres and the new paint on the bull bar have come up great
Only a month or so to go. Bloody ripper!!!

Just spent a few days in Tassie organising some finer details with Phil and sampling a few ales. Found out that the group has dwindled down to seven blokes and four vehciles but on the day we left Tassie (Sunday) Pete said he was keen so it now looks like two blokes per truck. Perfect!

When I got back to Canberra on Tuesday it was a day off from work to go through my list of required beer (er, I mean gear) to see what I could fit where in the truck. After a few hours of messing about in the garage & the bus, I think I'm going to struggle for beer room. I suppose that I'll just have to kick out some of the other 'necessities' instead e.g. everything...

Since our last trip in mid 2011 I've had a bit of a crack at getting the truck up to scratch. Phil & I put a two inch suspension lift through both ends, I got onto some more recovery gear & I recently bought a set of 33 inch Mickey T MTZs and some new rims. The Rigby's
The liftThe liftThe lift

A few days after we put the lift through the truck in mid 2012
got me a sand flag for the event too. Everything looks pretty tough but time will tell as to whether it stands up to the desert or not. I haven't had time to test the tyres yet.

At the moment it looks like I'll spend a few days with the sis in Essendon before meeting the lads off the boat/plane on 9 July ready for a swift run towards SA.

Can't wait. Can you tell? Bloody first blog entry a month before it all starts. Idiot.


6th June 2013

get a life!
1 month before! havent you got anything else to do!!? haha all subscribed up and ready to hear about it all. I am very keen to come along one day/year if you'll have me.
7th July 2013

Most def. The next one will be to WA in 2016 odd with Dad, Pia & whoever else would like to come along. You'll have to trade in the Camry for a ripping 1991 Ford Maverick. I hear they are the best truck going around....
19th June 2013

Vice Versa Updates
Dont worry matey, we will make sure that you receive daily updates on all CCSSP activity. Cos we know how much you will miss it!
7th July 2013

Cheers Rod. I'll be looking forward to those *cough*. :-)

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