Red Rocks canyon Open Space, Mesa Overlook, and Visitors

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September 15th 2014
Published: September 22nd 2014
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Sept 9 - Today I went to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space. They had several trails easy, moderate, and others. Since this was my first time I decided to take the easy trail. I will save the other trails for another day.

Sept 11 – Thursday – It’s a beautiful morning in the Springs although a bit brisk. Later this afternoon a cold front is coming in and we are expecting rain and freezing rain after midnight. Of course I will be snug in my bed by then.

I headed this way on the 20th of August and just realized I had been traveling for 3 weeks now. It doesn’t feel like it. Time seems to be more fluid when you travel without being boxed in by limits of “2 week vacations” etc.

Don’t let people lie to you…..being retired is great. Unless someone is really one of those people who love their jobs, and I know some people do, although to me all a job has always been completely something I did to make money, nothing more. Not even a little bit.

It’s a gorgeous, beautiful day outside, and I see people walking around in shorts and T-shirts, so I guess I need to finish drinking my tea and thinking things over and get out in it a bit.

I got dressed and drove up 30th street past the Garden of the Gods visitor center about a mile or so and turned right on Mesa Rd. and up the hill to the parking lot there called Mesa Overlook. Quite a view of the Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, and the Front Range.

Sept 12 – Friday - It’s 37 degrees now at 11 AM but expected to warm up to a nice toasty 47 later today. I’m having my tea and toast and thinking things over.

After a cold day today the 10 day forecast is for 10 days of beautiful weather in the 70’s. : )

So today I guess I will just catch up on some homework and take it easy.

No sense in wearing yourself out.

Friday evening– It’s a bit brisk today and I figured the best use to put the day to is to do some homework and catch up on my blogs. The weather is supposed to get nice again tomorrow and so I will go out then.

Going out here isn’t so much about going somewhere or other, but more about just enjoying the cool fresh air and sunshine, and the great way it makes you feel. Where you go isn’t that important but it’s nice if it is a beautiful place, And the beautiful vistas seem endless here.

Sept 13 – Saturday – It’s a bit brisk here at 45 but is expected to warm up to a comfortable 72 today.

I didn’t do much really. I went out on East Platte Rd to check out the Flea Market there and just looked around and didn’t find anything that interest me’ But still…I mainly went out to enjoy the beautiful weather today, and get in a bit of a walk.

Then I explored Colorado Springs proper a bit and mainly discovered everything I wanted to see and do was up near Manitou where I was staying anyway. Then eased back to my perch on the cusp of Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs, grabbing a bucket of KFC on the way. When I got back I fixed some fettuccine alfredo to go with it.

Then I took my nap.

I guess tomorrow I will check out some of the stores and shops on Colorado Avenue around 25th street and Colorado, and probably go to the Garden of the Gods visitor center café for a cup of coffee on their deck , or something else entirely different. I’ll just go with the flow.

Sept 14 – Sunday - Today my nephew, his girlfriend, and her son came to visit. I met them at the Garden of the Gods visitor center, and after enjoying the view a bit we went to the Visitor Center in Manitou and then to Savelli’s Pizza for some Pizza.

Afterwards we parked in the free parking at the bottom of the hill in Manitou Springs and walked up sampling the mineral water springs and checking out the shops.

After I had enjoyed myself enough I told them I was heading on back to the Casa and they said they would stay a while and come by later.

So I walked up to the top of the hill, and around the circle than all the way back down the hill again to my truck. So I got in a good walk for today.

So I went on back to the Rainbow Lodge and they came by later to visit and we had a pleasant visit.

Sept 15 – Monday - I went to REI and the Bass Pro Shop.

On the way back home I stopped at the Mesa Overlook on Mesa Rd. above the Garden of the Gods to watch a storm come in as well as call home as this was one of the best places I have found to get a signal on my cell.

Then I called my mother and brother Danny and chatted for a bit.

Then I eased back to the Casa.

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22nd September 2014
William at Mesa Overlook on Mesa Rd.

Great shot
You should consider using this for your profile photo. Love those mountains and clouds.
22nd September 2014
William at Mesa Overlook on Mesa Rd.

I've actually been trying to change my profile picture for months. I go to the profile page and click on "upload picture" over and over, but nothing happens.

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