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North America
March 5th 2012
Published: March 5th 2012
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Slavery has changed in many ways from back in the day. Slavery is not legal anymore. Now it is more frowned upon if it ever shown. Sex slaves are not being treated equally which would mean that is not going with Lincolns movement. he wanted everyone to be equal. They are notequal if they are slaves. The anti-traficing movement is important. The hotline is a great way because it can be annynomus as well as help many others who may call. It was a great idea because it helping everyone who might be scared to talk face to face but they can talk with out that face to face experience.This can help many communitities. I agree with this alot. I dont think anyone should have to be forced to do anything especially with their bodiessince our bodies are sacred to us, well for most of us. There are a few other slave places going on. I think a sweat shop is agreat example because the people there are forced to work there.


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