Rihla #10 Occupy Wall Street

North America
November 20th 2011
Published: November 21st 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY


Who: Protesters in nine cities.
What: protester are occupying the financial sectors in major cities in order to address the income inequality people are facing.
Where: New York, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Portland, and San Francisco.
When: Since September 17th
Why: The income inequality.

Citizens are fed up with with the income inequality they are facing. Occupy wall street is a protest for the 99% of people against this injustice and the other 1% is the government. The protesters camp out in the streets and parks, but police have been cracking down and fining those who are camping out. All of the cities who have participators have spend hundreds of thousands of dollars against protestors. Whether it is paying for police's overtime or paying for messes caused by protestors, the city has to pay. The negative consequence of this is that the cities could go into debt paying for all the expenses. The positive consequence of this is that the government can see that the people are fed up and they will finally make a change.


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