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May 6th 2011
Published: May 29th 2011
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The Old Vicksburg Court HouseThe Old Vicksburg Court HouseThe Old Vicksburg Court House

The Old Vicksburg Courthouse was built in 1858 is now a museum. This building stands on one of the highest hills in Vicksburg, dominating the Vicksburg skyline. A local planter, Jefferson Davis, launched his political career and from the clock tower. Union troops raised the Stars and Stripes on July 4th, 1863 signifying the end of the 47 day siege.
Well, after spending last summer at home and sharing time with family we decided to head west again this summer to see family, friends, and do a little sightseeing and fishing.

Our first stop was Vicksburg , Mississippi to visit the beautiful town and tour the Vicksburg National Military Park commemorating the "Siege of Vicksburg" during the American Civil War. This National Military Park rambles over more than 1800 acres. Sixteen miles of road wind through historic battle sites lined with more than 1300 monuments, statues, and markers.

Vicksburg was a very prosperous city but the civil war changed that. Known to history as the "Gibralter of the Confederacy", Vicksburg's importance was evident to Abraham Lincoln who, early in the war referred to the city as "the key to the war".

Vicksburg is a city build on a series on bluffs, some of of which rise some two hundred forty feet above the river's edge. This location on the river was a natural fortress and it's potential for greatness inherent as the river made a giant horseshoe bend directly below. It is also protected from the ravages of the river's flooding and covered by virgin forest supporting an
The Old Vicksburg Court House The Old Vicksburg Court House The Old Vicksburg Court House

This is the old courthouse today. It has now become a civil war museum. The previous shot is one on the brochure at the museum.
abundance of wildlife.

The downtown historic district is dotted with over 50 large historic mansions that are listed on the National Registry of Historic places. Two have become National Landmarks. Some have become bed and breakfast establishments. You will enjoy walking the brick streets and touring the old shops and mansions along the river. There is a 17 acre park along the Mississippi with picnic tables, grills, walking trails, playground, pavillion and restrooms.

There is so much history here dating back to before the days of DeSoto and the spaniards who came here in 1541. The indians then called the river "Mitchisipi" (Mee Chee Seepee) meaning "great father of waters". The museum containing the ruins of the USS Cairo , a ship that was sunk during the war, is most interesting. The USS Cairo is the first ship in history to be sunk by torpedos. She was raised and is now on display at the museum.

When we were here the mighty Mississippi was overflowing it's banks and beginning one of the worst floods in over 100 years. All businesses along the river were closed and the streets along the river were beginning to flood. However, being
The Cedar Grove Mansion InnThe Cedar Grove Mansion InnThe Cedar Grove Mansion Inn

We had dinner at this wonderful place overlooking the Mississippi river. It is decorated in period style from the 1800's and is in great condition.
high on the bluffs overlooking the river, the original settlement of Vicksburg is safe. What a beautiful town and so much history here, certainly too much to put in a blog. Come and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

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The Tomatoe PlaceThe Tomatoe Place
The Tomatoe Place

Ask anyone in town where to find the best lunch and they will send you to "The Tomatoe Place". This is a small shack outside of town where fresh tomatoes are grown and sold along with other veggies. The best tomatoe sandwiches and club sandwiches are made here. They make their own mayo and they don't skimp on the tomatoes !
The Mississippi River on the RiseThe Mississippi River on the Rise
The Mississippi River on the Rise

This is a picture of the Casino the day we arrived. Three days later the water was in the parking lot. They say it will rise another 8 to 10 feet in the next week.
The USS CairoThe USS Cairo
The USS Cairo

The USS Cairo was sunk in the Yazoo River, a tributary of the Mississippi at Vicksburg. It was the first ship to be sunken by a torpedo in the civil war.

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