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January 21st 2010
Published: January 21st 2010
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Feathery HeadFeathery HeadFeathery Head

This lady was the only one dressed like this, so I had to pose with her.

Mardi Gras Season

In New Orleans, Mardi Gras isn't a one day kind of party - it's already started. Liz took me to a warehouse party where a couple of dance troupes performed. First was the PussyFooters who were a bunch of busty women dressed up in cocktail dresses that prominently displayed their mammary glands. I have one picture with a few of them on stage. There was a lot of sexual energy in these ladies and the party.

The second troupe was a bunch of guys known as the 610 Stompers. You can see one of them taking picture of the stage in his red satin jacket. When in full costume, they had a white headband, white wifebeater and coach shorts. They danced more than the Pussyfooters and were rather bawdy.

I felt underdressed at the party, so I've started shopping for some purple hats and a purple cape or jacket. Let me know which hat you like - the purple pimp hat or the purple bowler. I think I can add accessories to the bowler hat and make it look slick.

I found a really cool tophat with a foot tall skeleton on sitting on
The Pussyfooters on StageThe Pussyfooters on StageThe Pussyfooters on Stage

The band at my first Mardi Gras party invited everyone on stage. One of the dance troops that performed that night was the pussyfooters and you can see them with their feathery cocktail waitress dresses and mini top hats.
top of it. The skeleton tophat looked awesome, but it costs $95 and it's pretty much a one trick pony. I'd wear it once and then it would be a ball and chain after that. It was way too big to even fit in a hat box without disassembly, so I had to pass - even though it looked great and the skeleton sat 7'above the ground.


I've been touring a few cemetaries while Grace is away. She hates going into cemetaries and says her mother would kill her if she found out she went in one. Cemetaries are a real tourist attraction around here. They have guided tours and loads of people were walking around taking pictures like me.

The ones downtown are the oldest, but they were also in the worst shape. I went to another one in the Garden district and it was in much better shape. They really pack the people in to these. Many are in disrepair and falling a part. New Orleans has a way of beautiful decay.

Go Saints!

Did you hear that the Saints are one game away from the Super Bowl? That's

The Mardi Gras party was in a warehouse where they make floats and store old float heads like this Medusa.
big news around here since they only won their 3rd playoff game in 42 years last week. If they win next week, Bourbon Street is going to be ready to explode! It will be the last home game of the season.

I got to watch the last game at Liz's friends mansion. Brian's life Liz has been a great host and got me into the Mardi Gras party and this football party. They had three HDTVs going and I helped them get their stereo broadcasting the game. I entered a gambling pool and won $90! I'd put $30 in, so I tripled my money.

Please say your prayers for the Saints since they are one of 5 teams that have never been to the Super Bowl. They have to go through Brett Favre next Sunday - so it's not an easy task.

It got up to 70 degrees here today. I went for a run and got caught in a good thunderstorm. I was 15 minutes out from my truck when it started pouring. I turned around and outran it some of the time, but I was soaked to the bone when I got back to
Cannibal HeadCannibal HeadCannibal Head

Here's another float at Mardi Gras World where the warehouse party was.
the truck.

All is good though and Grace is coming back for Mardi Gras now. So we're going to go costume shopping and get decked out for the big weekend.


Additional photos below
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Purple BowlerPurple Bowler
Purple Bowler

I was trying to take the picture from high above my head, so it made me look a little odd.
Go Saints!Go Saints!
Go Saints!

Liz got me into this mansion to watch the Saints kick some Cardinal ass!
Bayou PlantsBayou Plants
Bayou Plants

Here was some interesting swamp south of Nawlins.
Beauty of DecayBeauty of Decay
Beauty of Decay

New Orleans has a gritty nature and it doesn't get much grittier than in their cemetaries.
Family TombFamily Tomb
Family Tomb

They bury generations of families in tombs here. The first body was placed here in 1861 and the latest one was in 1971.
Not everyone was DeadNot everyone was Dead
Not everyone was Dead

This drunk was sleeping one off in the cemetary. He had a lawn mower right by that he probably use for some booze money.
Headstone VarietyHeadstone Variety
Headstone Variety

This cemetary was pretty well maintained and many tourists walked through.
Brian's HamburgerBrian's Hamburger
Brian's Hamburger

Brian loves to cook and made this dagwood sized hamburger with some special jalapeno rolls.

21st January 2010

hello scott!
glad to see your back. it sounds like you're enjoying new orleans. you look like a pimp with those big purple hats! perfect for mardi gras though. grace will be there soon, enjoy new orleans. all is good here. we have our own mardi gras here in town so we will be ready to party! i hope new orleans does make it to the super bowl, they deserve it. alisha would love the cemeteries there, since she's into all that spooky stuff. take care. kathy
21st January 2010

Scott go for the leapard skin trimmed hat!!!! When is Grace back? I was going to try and visit for her birthday:) Miss you guys!!!!
28th January 2010

Maybe he was just homeless
The "Drunk" may have just been homeless...
29th January 2010

Homeless and Drunk
There's a beer bottle right behind his head and another one in his bag by his feet. If you hadn't guessed, there's a lot of alcohol abuse in Nawlins. A sober person wouldn't/probably couldn't sleep in this pose on a concrete slab during the middle of the day either. I'l bet you money.
8th February 2010

Keep it up!!! Geaux Saints
Just found you by accident, I was looking for the photos of the graves with Saints' TShirts, go cups, helmets, etc. Seems like the City has gone even more crazy over the Super Bowl, which the Saints won!!! I don't know you, Grace, or Liz. Katrina drove me to Texas (wah) and i have to watch and hear about New Orleans from a distance. But seeing your blog was wonderful.

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