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October 8th 2009
Published: October 8th 2009
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We have seen many interesting sights thus far. The old lighthouses from the 1800's on the Hudson River are among them. Looking like large family homes, perched on large cement dolphins in the middle of the water. It's not hard to imagine a large family living in those places, but with no yards for the children to play in. What a life that would be!
As everyone said Castleton boat club is a great place, Poughkeepsie Yacht club was also very nice, Catskill was not so nice. Still our run from PYC to Tarrytown was one of the fist sunny days we have seen in a long while.
We chose not to anchor behind Croton Point since there was a gale warning in the offing. Instead we continued on and docked at Tarrytown Marina. As expected the blow appeared through the night, and has continued throughout the day. Rain and 45 knot winds, which have knocked out power all over New York city.
Our plan had been to move on today, but things conspired to change those plans, with weather not being the least of it. Although its been lumpy enough to make folks seasick trying to walk down the dock. We had to change docks to accomodate a larger boat coming in out of the weather. In the course of doing that, suddenly there was no reverse, no forward, nothing but neutral on the engine. Lots of lines, and hard tugging by several folks got us in place.
down into the engine room to discover water pouring in, the shaft has ended its association with coupler, and flange. Luckily, it has not fallen out, but we now require a haul-out and possibly a new shaft. The good news is, we got the leak stopped, and this happened at a marina, not out somewhere requiring a rescue.
Well we sit here bouncing, tired and a bit dissapointed but all is well.


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