Sierra Summer

North America
July 6th 2009
Published: October 29th 2009
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3.4 sonometer displacement. They have to perform surgery on anything that is 1.4 and above. It's never good when the doctor says, "usually we do this but in YOUR case..."
Well...I worked for the DFG for a month and then I was laid-off and then got rehired and then broke my clavicle and couldn't work anymore. It was a tough end of the summer.

The summer itself was great. I was able to make good use of my time climbing and mountain biking. The peak total for the summer is: Morrison, Tyndall, Williamson, White Mtn., Cathedral Peak, Half Dome, Mt. Ritter, Crystal Cragx2, Mammoth Rock and Mt. Aggie.

The bicycle became a big part of my summer, and I discovered what it takes to be a Downhill Mountain Biker...broken bones.

On October 10th, I went for a ride with a friend, Kevin, and we ended it on "shotgun". I had ridden this trail over fifty times, but it had been changed. In preparation for the snow, Mammoth had taken down the wooden wall-ride on a lefthand turn with a slight decline, after a slight jump, after a fast section of the trail, and I hadn't ridden it yet.

Kevin did tell me the wall was gone, so I went a lot slower than normal. Unfortunately, it wasn't slow enough...I had just a little too much

Luckily, they were able to pin my clavicle instead of using a plate. They will take this pin out on Nov. 19 and I will be all real.
speed, I hit the little jump and as I came down I landed in a front wheelie for what felt like five minutes, but was probably just two seconds. I was wheelying and my momentum was pushing my tail farther and farther over and BAM! I somersaulted. And as I landed, a sawed-off tree stump was right in-line with my collar bone.

I stood up after doing a full somersault and for the first few seconds I didn't feel anything. It just felt like a car accident. I started walking around and felt something poking at my t-shirt, I reached for my collar bone and felt something sharp pushing at my skin. It took me a little to realize it was my clavicle. Luckily, it didn't break through the skin, but I knew I was messed up.

I threw my back pack down, left my bike in the bushes and started walking towards the road, which was luckily only 100ft. hundred feet away. Doctor's say I wont be able to work (on the hill) until the middle of December. I'm already feeling much better, trying to rest and heal quickly.

It is a
The Wall RideThe Wall RideThe Wall Ride

This is the wall ride on Shotgun. While the wall was up I never had a problem but as soon as they took it down for the winter...crunch.
good wake-up call for me...mortality.

Luckily, Lauren and her family have been here to help me through it all. The Helm's are a great family and owe them dearly.

Hope everyone had a great summer!

Additional photos below
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My buddy Kevin on the Deep End
Deep EndDeep End
Deep End

This is one of the features on Mammoth called the Deep End. Its a lot of fun.
Rainbow FallsRainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

Lauren Helm and I at Rainbow Falls. This was one of the last warm days before it snowed.

I met Matt, Sarah and Jeff in Moab for some slick rock mtn. biking. It felt a lot more like skiing; freedom to ride where ever you want, no single track.

Great action shot in Moab
Porcupine RimPorcupine Rim
Porcupine Rim

Another great day on the trails

Not even two months old and he's already social climbing
Sarah and EvanSarah and Evan
Sarah and Evan

Three weeks after giving birth Sarah climbed a laymen terms it's really really hard.
My nephewMy nephew
My nephew

It's pretty cool being an uncle, all the fun and only minimal diaper changes
Mt. TyndallMt. Tyndall
Mt. Tyndall

Arriving in Williamson Bowl, with Mt. Tyndall in the background
Jim ErdmanJim Erdman
Jim Erdman

My boss and climbing partner. There aren't a lot of people that can say they hang out with there boss on days off.

Saving the planet one fish at a time.

I love my job.
Toulmne SlidesToulmne Slides
Toulmne Slides

These granite slides only run into August, then they dry up.

There's nothing quite like a handstand on Half-Dome
Half DomeHalf Dome
Half Dome

This is such a classic feature. You can see it just about everyday as the North Face Logo

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