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North America
May 6th 2009
Published: May 6th 2009
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We have finally made it to the town of Agua Dulce and 455 miles complete. In this little town there is a couple whose house is known as Hiker Heaven and the name fits perfectly. We have a mobile home to stay in and each have our own rooms and a full kitchen. They also have a fleet of bikes to get around town. So this has been an amazing stay with The Saufleys and there huge family of dogs, cats, and horses.
The next 180 miles of trail will be the hottest part of the trail. The only good part about this is that we are done with snow untill the high sierras. We also will be passing through part of the Mojave desert where the temperatures can climb into the hundreds. In these area we will be carrying water for 30 to 40 miles in the extreme heat. But after nine days of this we will be in Lake Isabella and waiting for the snowfall to melt in the high sierras. Also giving our bodies a break from everything.


6th May 2009

Be safe over the next 2 weeks so you can enjoy a break with Grandpa and your Bro!!!
6th May 2009

You are missing all the news. It looks like there is a high probability Bret Favre will be QB for the Vikings next fall.
7th May 2009

Hope all is well. I sent you guys a packet yesterday. Should have it when you get there in a couple of days. Please be careful and hope to see you soon. Love XXOO
8th May 2009

See you in a few days!
I will arrive to Bakersfield on Tuesday the 19th late in the afternoon and leave on Friday very early in the morning. Can't wait to see you. Miss you.
9th May 2009

See you guys on May 19th through May 22nd. Please be safe and enjoy your care packet. Love, Minoo
14th May 2009

Stay cool guys! Thanks for keeping everybody posted.

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