How to Make Flying Less Stressful

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June 6th 2018
Published: June 6th 2018
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Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and stress-free. But if you’re like 25%!o(MISSING)f the population, you fear flying. This fear can drastically decrease your vacation opportunities. Sure, you can drive across the country or to neighboring states and countries but you may never experience countries, people, and cultures overseas. For those who are considering flying but aren’t sure if they can handle it, here are a few tips on how to reduce stress while flying.

Plan Ahead

This point can’t be stressed enough. In order to eliminate unnecessary stress prior to your trip, plan as much in advance as you can. This means arranging a car service or ask a friend to drive you to the airport. When it comes to your flight, schedule one at a convenient time that works best for you and try to avoid layovers or flying into or out of an airport that’s too far from your destination. Making all of these arrangements in advance should help to cut down on stress and anxiety the day of your trip.

Prepare for Security

Some people get anxious about the security clearance portion of the airport. This is where you’ll be asked to empty your pockets, remove your shoes and coat, all your jewelry and pass through metal detectors and body scanners. Depending on the airport and its procedures, some travelers are randomly selected for future searches. This may include a search of your carry on bag or being patted down. Understanding that these procedures are completely normal and may happen, will eliminate the element of surprise. You can also make the process easier by only packing approved carry on items. Don’t wear too much jewelry and opt for loafers or shoes that are easily removed and put on. This will save you time and aggravation during the check-in process.

Learn About Turbulence

Many nervous flyers get even more nervous during turbulence, which is understandable. The plane can shake and drop violently for several minutes or longer. Turbulence isn’t guaranteed during every flight and understanding the cause can help you remain calm if and when it occurs. Turbulence occurs when warm and cold air combine. Depending on the weather conditions, turbulence can last anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to several hours. Most airline crews and pilots are accustomed to a certain level of turbulence mid-flight and are not phased by it at all. But they do understand your concern as a passenger and often try to do anything they can to make you more comfortable. Try focusing on something else. Listen to music, read, or watch in-flight entertainment.

Bring Distractions

Speaking of distractions, they aren’t only needed for turbulence. If you’re worried about flying in general, the more things you can bring along to help keep your mind occupied, the better. Download or purchase your favorite book or a new one you’ve been dying to read. Bring along magazines, your iPad or laptop. Most flights now offer Wi-Fi services. Catch up on some work, emails or do some research on your trip. You can choose which restaurants and attractions you plan to see. Most flights also offer in-flight entertainment like access to the most popular movies and television shows. You can indulge in an alcoholic beverage as well if you think it’ll calm your nerves.

Think About the Destination

You’re on a plane for a reason, right? So why not focus on that? Are you traveling to see a family member you haven’t visited in a long time? Or perhaps you’re headed on your honeymoon or a much-needed couple’s getaway. Try focusing on the fun and excitement that lies ahead. If you want the reward, you need to push past the stress and anxiety of flying. Just think of all the amazing things you could experience that are just an airplane ride away? Plan your first trip somewhere relatively close by and don’t go it alone. Bring a friend or family member. Once you see how easy flying can be, you’ll be filling up your passport in no time!


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