Salmon fishing in Soldotna

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July 31st 2012
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The "Loch-Ness-Goose"The "Loch-Ness-Goose"The "Loch-Ness-Goose"

The morning we left Homer this is what Brett's pet looked like on the beach.
DAY 33: MONDAY, JULY 30: With heavy, heavy hearts we said goodbye to Homer, Alaska today. If I have already said it, forgive me because I need to say it again, I think we have officially found our favorite Alaskan city and could easily move here, at least during the summer months. Even though it is a long way down to Homer, it is a must stop by location if you ever get the chance. As we left our little home on the bay, it was a typical cold, rainy Alaskan day, and we were once again very thankful for all the amazing sunshine we had while we were here. I gave one last look at the beach and what did I see staring at me through the beach grass...Brett's pet Loch-Ness-Goose! Wow what a great memory that has made. See his goodbye picture below. We headed off to the Soldotna/Kenai area in hopes of catching some salmon and on our way we passed a couple moose. Apparently we have had our fill because we all were kind of like, "Oohh, a moose", and then back to whatever we were doing. The second one caught us off guard though, because she was right by the road and man, you can sure see how people hit them so easily. We made it to Soldotna and got all set up in the Edgewater RV Park, conveinently located right on the Kenai River and in no time Aaron and Brett had been to the tackle shop and got all the poles ready for some salmon fishing. It is near the end of the second salmon run and we will be fishing for sockeye, red, silver(coho). If you catch a king salmon you have to release it because their numbers are so low rhis year. Let me tell you fishing is definitely a sport that requires a lot of patience and this river fishing is not easy. We fished at Centinnel Park and Aaron was lucky enough to catch a small one right away and Maggie had a lot of fun reeling it in. The rest of the night didn't go so well, i dont even have any food stories about the one that got away. After a couple hours of fishing, we headed back to camper and decided we are going to spend one more night here in Soldotna so we can give it another try tomorrow.

Total Mileage: 85 Miles

Wildlife Report: 2 moose

Crazy Small Populations: Ninilchik: pop. 853

Odd Housing: As we have been driving from town to town, we have noticed some very odd "things" that people have turned into housing, for example: in Anchor Point we saw a yellow school bus turned house and it was hooked up to an outdoor wood burning stove. In Homer we saw a very, very, very old boat on land and in an old abandoned boat yard. It was creepy and we never really could tell if it was currently occupied or just haunted. Also in Homer, there as a camper and someone had built a wood frame like a house around it. That one was actually kind of neat.

Alaskan Trivia: What is "dip netting?"

DAY 34: TUESDAY, JULY 31: Wow, can it be true? Is it really the last day of July? We have really been gone a LONG time. Well, Aaron really has the fishing bug because he was up, making coffee and at the river fishing by 7:00 am. He had some great bites and two on in the first few minutes of fishing, but the tricky thing is landed these fighters. Sadly, we watched a lot of fish being caught across the river, but after about three hours, with some amazing bites we decided we would drive into Kenai with the kids and try out some different spots. Right as we pulled into Kenai, Hanna spotted a mama moose and her twins right in someone's yard eating the leaves off their trees. Hanna always has the great finds. We were very excited about this moose because it was just like what you hear about it on all those Alaska TV shows about the wildlife in the downtown areas just hanging put in a front hard. Moose ade to Alaskans as deer are to us. We drove down to the beach to see the locals fishing on the last day of "dip netting"...What is dip netting? Well, if you are Alaskan you can use a huge net and just try to catch the fish as they swim into the net. They are allowed 25 for head of household and ten for every other family member. It was actually a really cool thing to watch, but the beach we went to was the most grotesque, nasty beach we have ever seen (and smelled). When you catch a fish you are supposed to just toss the carcass back into the water and then all that waste eventually just seems to wash back in with the tide. NASTY!!!! Aaron couldn't believe people were just camped out down there and even eating near that filth and stench. After all that excitement, we were eager to get back to fishing ourselves. Back at Centinneal Park Aaron had some good luck and had many good bites, but it was Brett who landed the first salmon of the day. He caught and reeled it in all by himself. Wow, was he proud and he just kept talking, all night long, about how heavy it felt and how much it fought. Aaron was able to get a couple more, but they weren't hooked in the mouth we couldn't keep them. There was one local guy next to Aaron, and I kid you not that guy had a fish on nearly every minute of the hour and half he was there. Everytime he casted he got one he didnt land them all either. Aaron was hilarious while he was trying to
What a proud fisherman!What a proud fisherman!What a proud fisherman!

Brett hooked and landed this salmon all by himself.
pick up on this guys fancy wrist flip of the pole. Even though we only had one fish when all was said in done, it was a great day fishing on the Kenai and mama had some beautiful fillets in the freezer that her Bretty Boy caught her.

Total Mileage: Not many

Wildlife Report: Mama moose and twin babies

Funny: While we were watching Brett and Aaron fish, Hanna was sitting on a fence and suddenly the whole thing came crashing down. The look of surprise on her face priceless. I couldn't tell if she was hurt or what was going on. Her response was, "I told you we were getting fat!"

Alaskan Trivia: What is the local Alaskan word for "snagging" a fish?

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Everyone watching Aaron whacking the fishEveryone watching Aaron whacking the fish
Everyone watching Aaron whacking the fish

I forgot to mention that once you land a fish you have to "bonk" it on the head and kill it. It was hard to watch at first.

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