Whale watching at Monterey Bay (July 2010)

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November 29th 2010
Published: November 30th 2010
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1: Blue whale 49 secs
Tail Slapping 3Tail Slapping 3Tail Slapping 3

Humpback Whale

Whale Watching (Princess Monterey Whale Watch)

Getting the opportunity to witness certain events of nature in the wild is amazing. In July 2010, it was all over the news that whales are staying a little bit longer @ Monterey Bay due to the unusually large amount of krill available in the bay. Often whale watching means seeing a tail from far away, but that was not the case this year. The whales got closer to the boat and in some cases even went under the boat or stayed closer to the boat for a while. So, we decided to try our luck and did whale watching twice in a month and got the opportunity to see Humpback Whales and Blue Whales up close like never before.

One spectacular event was the tail slapping by a humpback whale that created so much excitement among the viewers. Another event was when a blue whale was just 5 feet away from the boat. The whale passed by and sprayed the water on the viewers from the blowhole. The whale was so huge and unbelievable that we were only few feet away from the world's largest mammal. I bet this will be the closest most people can get to a blue whale because of their endangered status.

A Dead Blue Whale and Fetus

This is a very unfortunate event that happened a few months later somewhere along the bay. A pregnant blue whale died, likely due to a blunt force trauma that was caused by a collision with a large boat. The whale washed up along the shores of Bean Hollow State Park, CA. If the blue whale had survived it would have given birth in few weeks. It is sad that two endangered lives were lost, probably due to human negligence.

The adult whale was over 80 feet. The male fetus, 17 foot long, was 6 months old. It takes 12 months for a whale to give birth. The heart of an adult blue whale is probably the size and weight of a Volkswagen Beetle.

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Tail Slapping 1Tail Slapping 1
Tail Slapping 1

Humpback Whale
Tail Slapping 2Tail Slapping 2
Tail Slapping 2

Humpback Whale
Tail Slapping 4Tail Slapping 4
Tail Slapping 4

Humpback Whale
Tail Slapping 5Tail Slapping 5
Tail Slapping 5

Humpback Whale
Tail Slapping 6Tail Slapping 6
Tail Slapping 6

Humpback Whale
Tail Slapping 7Tail Slapping 7
Tail Slapping 7

Humpback Whale

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