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February 10th 2010
Published: May 28th 2010
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You'll notice I've back-dated this entry to when I drafted it. It's good to end a trip by cleaning up.

1. Clean your gear before you pack. Scrub the bottoms of your shoes before you hit the airport. The toothbrush you may be about to discard is a perfect tool, or use shampoo and a bandanna (then throw the bandanna in a marked Ziplock bag so you don't use it accidentally. You don't want to track pathogens, insects, or seeds across the world. Clean your knife, wash your clothes--you may get stuck in an airport where you'll be glad for a change of socks.

2. Shred identifying papers and either recycle them before you leave, or pack them out to recycle at home.

3. Give away anything you're going to throw away at home.

4. Back up your electronic files. This includes photos and documents.

5. When you arrive home, unpack and clean everything else. Wipe down the wheels on your suitcase, wash your sleeping bag liner, and dry and re-fold your rain poncho. There's nothing more horrible than finding out what grows in the toiletry bag you leave in your suitcase until your next trip.

Want to know more about responsible travel in Cambodia? Get a copy of Pujita Nanette Mayeda and Friendship with Cambodia's Responsible Travel Guide Cambodia and, if you want the organization to make more of the profit, buy it directly from Friendship with Cambodia (it should be available very soon).


28th May 2010

Good reminder
Shoshana, You are the "EPITOME" of "teacher." Your thoroughness and comprehensive sharing amazes me. I understand that you are in fact a professor. But I would venture to guess that your open willingness to share so much of what you know, which may certainly help many other people, is not universal to professors. I appreciate all of the hard work that you put into all that you do for us (your students) and obviously, others as well. I am already feeling sad looking toward the end of next school year and not being your student. Lucretia Lake

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