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November 10th 2008
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Here are some long-promised photos for Tammy... I'll try to add a little text later... let's see if I can remember how to get the photos up first!

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peaceable kingdom!peaceable kingdom!
peaceable kingdom!

As the weather gets colder, the cats move closer to Niko...
draw bridge gone!draw bridge gone!
draw bridge gone!

That's a temporary foot bridge in the distance... they are working the new bridge, but I think it will be out for a year or so.
U of RU of R
U of R

Had fun visiting La.

...and tomatoes from my plants and pesto I made from my own homegrown basil!
Guess what the cat brought in?Guess what the cat brought in?
Guess what the cat brought in?

This was the second snake this fall... not to mention a few chipmunks and mice.

Ask Dad who the little Alvin pilot is... I don't know.
Wind storm...Wind storm...
Wind storm...

knocked a tree onto our beautiful "garage".
and me in mine!and me in mine!
and me in mine!

Felt a little silly, but seemed like a good idea when we felled the lower half of the trunk that was still standing.

10th November 2008

They're going to put another drawbridge in there, right? It's a landmark! It's... it's... no drawbridge?!
10th November 2008

Yeah, they're replacing the draw bridge. The footbridge goes across from the Dyer's Dock parking lot behind the FishMonger to behind Community Hall. It can be retracted for boats to get in and out of Eel Pond.
10th November 2008

thanks momma ^.^

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